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Hook is a minimal, relaxing, puzzle game.

I love creating puzzle games. This one is more of a game-like experience than a challenge. No menus, no achievements, just you and a puzzle. Calming sounds and music were made by Wojciech Wasiak. It has 50 levels and its about hour long.

Thanks for playing and supporting me!!

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Sean 5
This is a great game. It's not a frustratingly difficult puzzle game. It's very relaxing and casual. Much of the challenge and enjoyment is derived from learning the rules of each level. I absolutely loved the minimalist approach. My only objections are the 10 or so boring introductory levels. If the game is short, like many are saying, I'd love to have gotten to the more interesting levels sooner.
Lucia 3
Have a 5.5 inch screen so not too small yet it's very difficult to see where they overlap. Was enjoying it till level 13 or so and quit after 16 as unable to determine which rods lay on top and which were under. A pity as it's not full of ads like other free games and was something I really wanted to enjoy
Amino2121333 5
Great fun, exactly what mobile gaming should be. Simple and fun. The game is a little short but atleast has an end point unlike most endless puzzlers which become draining after long plays. So it's bite size nature actually does it a favour.
Kelvin 5
A nice little puzzler It can be difficult to see the line breaks on a small screen which can lead you to make mistakes but, from level 40, the complexity steps up and you get three chances before the level resets. I loved it's simplicity but it's a shame that there are only 50 levels. I hate games that introduce time limits in an attempt to up the difficulty. That doesn't happen here and you are free to take your time over each level. Fantastic.
Martin 5
This game's minimalist approach is what makes it so good. It just starts. There are no instructions and it gets progressively more complex until you finish it. And you will want to finish it! My only criticism is there is no mute fuction. This means if you want to listen to music on your device at the same time as playing it you have to hear the ambient sounds of the game also. Its Aa little bit annoying but as this game has no configurations or menu settings not being able to change anything is in keeping with the minimalist approach. Look forward to version 2 in the future.
Vicky 5
I really enjoyed this puzzle app, good progression of difficulty - starts you out learning the basic concept and then gradually becomes more and more challenging. The design is minimal and clear which suits this style of game, no need to add flash. Well worth the 59p :)
Brandon 5
Great game! Easy to discover what the new elements are (for the most part. I personally would have liked a but more exposition/introduction to them, but I figured it out eventually), and challenging yet simple levels! I just wish there were more of them!
Frank 5
Great game that takes a little puzzle solving skill. A little odd at first with absolutely no instructions whatsoever. But it's easy to learn and takes you progressively through tougher challenges. No ads. No links. No having to pay for features. Awesome
Rachael 5
Awesome game! Really made me concentrate, but it was just hard enough to not be horribly frustrating like some puzzle games. Can't wait for more levels :)
Jerry 5
Took me half the levels to figure out the power follows the lines and doesn't split at 4 ways. Confused me. Hope to see 50 more levels!!!!!
Rob 5
A nice puzzle game, only 50 levels, so maybe a few hours play tops. The wireless nodes look very similar, hard for the first few times to tell them apart. Really nice though, recommended.


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