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Epic Little War Game (by Rubicon Development) - strategy game for android - gameplay.

Description & Details

The lighter side of turn based strategy games

It’s time to mobilize because the Little War Game is back and this time it is EPIC!

The latest in the 3.5 million selling series of strategic war games offers an immense array of challenges that will push your battle tactics to the limit, and beyond. With a huge single player mode, online one-on-one or six player skirmishes, and gazillions of maps to dominate (not to mention a random map generator), Epic Little War Game raises the bar for strategy.

Product features:

• Loads of single player missions, tons of maps, map generator, co-op or skirmish online or local play and unique visuals make this the most comprehensive strategic war game on mobile!

• Single player campaign mode teaches newbies ‘the ropes’ and develops battle tactics across an array of intensive missions

• Take on your friends or ally with their forces to defeat the enemy with up to 6 player Skirmish mode

• A massive selection of battlefields, from epic mountain valleys to lush lakeland passes, frozen cliff-top encounters to the heat of vast jungles 

• Random map generator for infinite replayability, plus the ability to save the maps you love playing 

• Online co-operative or PVP gameplay - are you epic enough to take on the world’s greatest Generals? 

• Complete freedom to develop your own tactics, deploying your warriors and hardware, as you see fit – every battle is different!

• Take on several enemies at once and climb the leaderboards to show the world what you are really made of!

• This pay once and play forever game has true console quality and depth. Don’t be cannon fodder, be the greatest military Commander ever. BE EPIC!

Thanks for playing Epic Little War Game. Please let us know what you think with a review or join us on the Epic Little War Game forum at www.rubicondev.com/forum

NB: There are no IAP's. The reason it says so in the display is a mistake that will be corrected when we do our next free update.

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Latest Ratings

Michael 5
Like many fans of the previous games I have waited a long time for this game. All you need to know is it doesn't disappoint! If you liked the others in the series buy it. If you like turn based games buy it. If you liked advance wars on the GBA then buy it. This developer deserves your money for their hard work creating this.
Nedim 1
Update: an app update removed all my active online games. I was 15-20 moves deep into several matches. AAARGH! A new edition of the little war game. Feels like a rewrite using new UI. Not a good as the old one. Graphics too much, hard to see or pick units sometimes. Worst, the AI seems to have taken a big big step back.
Wayne 5
Ok. This game is serious... Campaign is a mission set to teach you the ropes if your new to Rubicon games. Then you can play solo against multiple comp opp on diff skill lvls, or go online and chat n play. Only ppl ypur skill lvl can join ur games. Or coop n kill w a buddy, hot seat or online. Mapmaker makes infinite maps to conquer, online!!!! Man, just try it.... Im Sowilo... Friend me n lets throw down!
Hybridizm 4
I've been looking for a solid TBS title via mobile for a while now and here it is, what an absolute joy to play. Arguably the closest thing to Command & Conquer that I've found, though C&C is an RTS and this is TBS. There's a decent variety of units to choose from, a decent length campaign & great amount of replayability here. My only gripe is most units don't look particularly different outside of weaponry, bit boring to look at. With the quirky and silly humour I expected more over the top aesthetics for some units. Hopefully some touch ups are done in the future or more units possibly added. All in all however, great game. Worth the price of entry due to replayability and the overall quality of the title. Multiplayer too. Can't go wrong. Nice job guys.
Jonathan 3
I've been a fan of the series since "Great little war game". This game is fun, but as others have pointed out, the campaign is pretty short (22 levels). Moreover, the game lacks "fog of war" (having enemy troop movements hidden in areas without your troops present), and the AI is borderline retarded. All of these factors make the campaign mode far too easy to be satisfying. The skirmish mode is more challenging, so that may add some replay value.
kevinsoffice 3
Played all the previous war games and loved them. Waited years for more content. Assumed the franchise was dead. Then to my surprise this new installment came out. I was in heaven. Then the honeymoon was over. I didnt agree with all the changes, however would still play again. The part im really disappointed about is the lack of content. I waited years for something, they charged full price for this ($6), yet there was only 22 campaign missions. Previous games had 50. I feel jipped in that regard.
Attila 3
I absolutely loved Great Little War Game, but I feel this one is a step back, overall. Granted, there are new factions and some limited base building, but the campaign is much shorter, missions are pretty much the same, the AI is incredibly dim-witted (!!!), and, worst of all, NO FOG OF WAR, taming whatever excitement the dumb AI could provide out of the game. As a consequence, the missions are way, way too easy and pose no challenge whatsoever. I'm glad I bought this on sale for $1, but I'd be more than happy to pay the full price if the AI and FoW were fixed. Maybe next time..
C 2
Like a lot of others here, I've played the previous versions and loved them. Maybe things have just moved on since then but I found this game really boring compared to many other games I've played in the proceeding years since the last version.
Mat 4
I love this series so much! played glwg and gbwg! this is definitely the best so far (please keep making these types of games) but I don't understand the absence of "fog of war" it's fundamental to this type of game? but that is all, other than that it's everything I wanted it to be! keep up the great work!! #bringbackthescout? anyone?
Dan 5
I've purchased every one in this series and it's still my favorite casual mobile game. It's reminiscent of Advance Wars for game boy. The missions are just challenging enough to not be frustrating.
alex 4
If you like the other little war games, you'll love this one. however the game needs a few tweaks to make it perfect. can play upto 6player in one map on skirmish but only 2player online? more factions needed, wheres the power up gone? its frustrating that you cant rotate what you build, cant back out of current game, campaign is too short, also when you are playing multiplayer online, the team colour is not the same, (eg. im blue team, but on my mates device, hes blue team)

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