🔥Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker (Uncensored 18+)

🔥Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker (Uncensored 18+)








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By Ruoto Games Category Role Playing #4

Description & Details

💥Loot & Level Up! Idle Clicker RPG

Raid Away! - RPG Idle Cicker Game is a retro style Idle/Clicker/Incremental/RPG!

*EPIC Loot*
Collect and upgrade tons of items: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Relic

Level up and customize your heroes with lots of different skills from regular to ultimate skills

*IDLE System*
Upgrade and train your heroes to fight for you, lay back, idle and watch the gold flow.
Gain gold, rubies and crystals while offline.

*VAST Upgrade System*
Hundreds of weapons to be upgraded!

*EPIC Monsters*
Fight hundreds of monsters, from puny goblins to huge rulers of the deep!

Ascend your heroes and make them stronger!

Contact us:
Email: ruotogames@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ruotogames
Twitter: twitter.com/RuotoGames

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James 4
Pretty much everything is really good about this game, except for the graphics but that's completely intentional so it's not a problem. Plus, the lower grade graphics allows me to play it nonstop because that's less processing power needed from my phone effectively eliminating any chances of overheating. This is great for me as that problem is the biggest reason I don't phone game more. Micro transactions have some impact on the game but it's fairly easy to progress without them so I don't have to (and still have not) spend money to enjoy it. Only thing I request is some form of multiplayer
Challenge 5
Woulda reviewed sooner but couldn't be bothered to stop playing long enough to write this! Came here for the update! You guys made something great here, really fun and same addicting. And the warlord deal you offered was very generous. Look forward to what you guys bring us in the future. Game on.
I love having a simple game like this to distract me, and enjoy the effects of the in-app purchases... one thing I'd really like though is the ability to hold to tap. That's a problem I have with tapping games, because I already have carpal tunnel. I'd be willing to get hold-to-tap through purchases.
Brandon 4
Love the game, only downside is that I wish the game would still advance levels for you after every 5 kills when you're in offline play. Every time I come back to the game all of the grinding it did while I was away makes no difference because I run out of that money nearly immediately.
Jadon 3
Great game. But after my phone accidentally shut off mid game. I lost all my progress. Twice. I have a Droid turbo 2. Have to uninstall. it's annoying to loose everything.
John 5
Another exceptional and innovative incremental game with idle bonuses while you're away. The IAP are fair and not necessary to play. No intrusive ads anywhere in sight. Keep an eye out for more from this dev!
Frostic 3
A good simple idle game. But feels a bit slow sometimes due to the legacy points being extremely hard to get and the gems dropping to purchase artifacts is too low. Overall still a good game to play.
Chris 5
Its a great retro game. The music is great, the graphics are reminiscent of old school rpgs. The game can get a little repetitive, but it is a clicker with rpg elements. Overall it is an excellent filler when you have some time to kill.
Samuel 2
only faultS is one of the trait rewards "raider" only have 5 ruby's instead of 10 but I feel that's a small detail I can overlook and hope for a fix for future players. totally PISSED about the fact this game crashes my spotify though!!! no app has ever caused spotify a problem for me till I downloaded this one, now if I'm playing and listening to music I can't even make it through 1 song! developer needs to make this a priority as the game music sucks balls for keeping you entertained to the game.....
Austin 5
Overall a superb clicker. Unlike other titles in the Idle genre, there is little-to-no RNG, Idle/Tap builds are both viable, and the progression feels consistent and not heavily gated by pay-to-win or excessive time to dedicate. 100% would recommend.
Phil 3
Entertaining time waster. The offline bonuses don't seem to work and i accumulate a lot less money than expected when offline compared to how quickly enemies are defeated by archers alone when online, but great skill tree and weapon upgrade system


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