🔥Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker (Uncensored 18+)

🔥Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker (Uncensored 18+)








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By Ruoto Games Category Role Playing

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💥Loot & Level Up! Idle Clicker RPG.

Raid Away! - RPG Idle Clicker Game is a retro style Idle/Clicker/Incremental/RPG!

*IDLE Game*
Upgrade and train your heroes to fight for you, lay back, idle and watch the gold flow.
Gain gold, rubies and crystals while offline.

*EPIC Loot*
Collect and upgrade tons of items: Common - Uncommon - Rare - Epic - Legendary - Relic

Level up and customize your heroes with lots of different skills from regular to ultimate skills

*VAST Upgrade System*
Hundreds of weapons to be upgraded!

*EPIC Monsters*
Fight hundreds of monsters, from puny goblins to huge rulers of the deep!

Ascend your heroes and make them stronger!

Transcend and break the mortal limits and prepare to fight the "he who must not be named"!

Contact us:
Email: ruotogames@hotmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ruotogames
Twitter: twitter.com/RuotoGames

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Stanley 4
Really cool idle game, that has the skill tree system for us to choose which ones to upgrade at our own pace. But i feel that i would be better if the warrior attacks every time i tap and not just at his own pace. When i tap really fast its attack speed does not increase at all.
Jordan 2
The game is fun until you hit the extreme pay barrier with artifacts. Then the game slows down. And you're forced to either player longer to harvest more rubies to unlock more spots or play for extreme lengths to get a single meaningless upgrade that barely increases your gameplay.
Dark 5
Game is still good even after the new update. Though there is a bug when you spend your skill points on the gold drop multipliers. They don't increase the gold drop by 25% for the regular and 30% for the bigger ones and instead increase when you get the 10% increase for melee/ranged damage. Nothing that a bug fix can't help.
Internet 4
All controls stop responding in game and nothing works when I tap on it after the new update. This issue effects the rest of my phone when I leave the app. My Android screen controls still work so I know it is being caused by the app.
Jordan 3
I still love this game more than Dig Away!. But why add the aura cooldown timer....? The game feels so much slower now.. And why doesn't the heroes armor also change when upgrading??
Ryan 2
first I opened the game and I played it until about 200aa damage. I log back on the next day and all my stuff disappeared and I had to start again. so I did... and it happened again so I uninstalled it... good game though
Robert 2
The app doesn't remember your sounds settings. The buttons show it, but the sounds still plays. Also, when you transcend you don't get the soul points.
iBoobbbzTV 3
There should be an option to lock FPS to at least 50, as I got issues at 60+ when I tried to press buttons on the bottom menus, as if the game was behind and took a moment to catch up, not responding to input. Level tree and variety in items/menus can be startling and overwhelming at first, but clears after a few minutes of gameplay.
Scott 1
Guess I can't play Downloaded ur game, and I can't even start playing ... asks about a license and shoots me back here after crashing
Vincerific 3
Good game, but a few minor issues. Legacy points for rubies after 6 hours of idle aren't working (crystal one does). Ranger is pretty useless and severely under balanced even with 12 artifacts based on their damage and a maxed out ranger skill tree. It appears they don't do anything to help offline coins earned either, as no matter how long I am offline for or what skills I have (melee or RNG) I can barely obtain two or three levels into a weapon when I return to the game. Also, Sharpen is a little too close to Weighten (which is a useless button). I am scrawny and even my overly thin fingers hit Weighten from time to time when attempting to hit Sharpen. I agree fully with Stanley Yap's review, too.
Matt 3
Lost 25 rubies on a useless respec because of a misclick. Has poor tap detection and only detects one at a time too, making controls in general subpar.


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