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SAVE A LIFE is a unique safety app that allows you to call for help.


SAVE A LIFE is a unique safety app that allows you to call for help or warn others of an impending attack. We have designed the app in several flavors. First, the PANIC app is for those who need to feel safe with a panic alarm. It is designed to scare off those attackers.

Now just out of Beta form, we are working to resolve many issues with this first version. We would like to add all the following to the app as time moves on... these are NOT yet in this version but we are working on that now...

* Call 9 1 1 at the touch of a button or via voice
* When you launch the app, your location auto turns on regardless what setting you have it set to
* User will have 3-5 audio selections to pick through
* improved sound is coming
* Can be branded for businesses of any size to allow their employees to carry
* And so much more...

Remember, this is just out of beta version. Features may break, change and improve or vanish all together. Depends how our feedback goes during this trial. We plan on testing the app in the real world for the next several months as to collect data on the usage of the app and how you feel with using it and what features work or don't work. We need your help in improving this app for the masses. The app will be slightly buggy, so if this bothers you, please do not download the app as this app is NOT a finished product as of this writing.

Our goal is to keep the costs as low as possible to get the app into as many hands as we can all around the world, not just here in the USA. We want the world to use this app and help us improve it along the way. So please, send us your feedback good or bad as it is extremely important to help us move in the direction you would like to see it go and we will take note of your thoughts about the app to help improve and grow it to a great product that everyone can use.

If you have any questions about this app, please drop us a line at and we will try to get back to you asap. We hope you enjoy the app and thank you for taking the time to test it out! We are very grateful your helping improve this app for everyone.

The FREE version will have a 10 second display splash screen and no looping audio. The pay version has looping audio, no splash screen and free updates as we make them available. Does it make a difference between versions? Not too much no but a lot can happen in the 10 seconds it takes to load up the splash screen and no looping audio does tend make a person at risk that something could happen in the event of a assault on them.

Overall, the app is designed to scare off those bad people in the world who think they have to hurt others. We feel it is time to change that and give you something that may give you a fighting chance if you ever come in contact with someone wanting to hurt you. Please upgrade to the pro version if you like the free version to help us continue progress on it! Thanks for checking us out!

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