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Manage your sleep & listen to white noise sounds and wake up refreshed.

Sleep Away is a sleep management application that provides two main functions:

Manage your sleep. By letting Sleep Away calculate your sleep cycles, you can either set your alarm to wake up feeling well rested if you go to sleep now, or set a reminder to go to bed at a calculated time, so you wake up when you need to. Sleep Away also lets you set an alarm for a quick power nap.

Listen to white noise. Sleep Away contains a few sounds that you can listen to while you fall asleep. Those currently are: Heater, Rain and Campfire. No need to worry about turning the sound off - the application contains a timer that will automatically shut off the sound after it counts down. You can let your phone sleep and just relax.

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trash 1
one of the worst apps anyone could use. also what's up with th
Sebastian 5
This app is really well done, I am impressed by the great graphics and animations, as well as how quick and simply it does the job!
Bα»™i 5
What a cool awesome app I'm finding. I've known this sleep way by read on web and wake me up by chat bot, but I want to find an app and I found you. When to sleep, when to wake up, ... And very nice UI! ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!
Rose 3
Please add an option to use the 12-hour time setting instead of just the 24-hour. I hate having to exert effort to compute. For this, I deleted it. A pity because I was liking the app
Amber 4
Would like the option to choose military or standard time; of course I can do the math to figure it out, it would just be nice to have a choice.
Brian 4
Distinct visual style, no-nonsense menu, fits the bill. Doesn't work when it asks to set a wake-up alarm when setting a reminder alarm. Worth checking it out.
Joelle 4
Nice app, but it could be better if it showed you the number of hours you would sleep on the selection page, rather than having to select and then see how much you'd be sleeping. White noise is pretty cool! Thanks!
Shelburt 4
I think it helps to wake me up feeling better rested. Still trying to fine tune my experience, but that is probably user discrepancy. I would certainly recommend!
First I LOVED the concept & it looked clean. Issue #1 is such EASY common sense that FEW want military time OR to 'compute' when tired late at nite (common sense). #2 for me; I was stoked thinking "Awesome", based on a desired nightly sleep setting of 7 or 8 hours (we can set our own) once I selected my Bedtime-Alarm for 1am, it automatically calculates a "Wake Up Alarm" too! Both alarms are ready in a nice BOXED Display! Perfect -- **Until I realized I could NO LONGER SEE those Actual Alarms after I set them in those nice visual boxes! As a result I was "VERY" uncomfortable nervous NOT seeing them Displayed. +Were they set correctly? Where the heck did they go? AND "THAT" my dear friend is not good at all. Simply Fix those two things & I'm ready to make it one of my Favorite APPS 5-10 stars! *You could actually spruce it up by simply providing a computation of "Total Hours" slept (Daily, Weekly & Monthly) as well, just from the two Alarms Calculation! But it will be "FUN" just to see "if OR when" you might fix the two priorities above :) Good luck, I really HOPE I can use this soon!
Hilary 5
Super easy to use. Exactly what I need. Really helps me wake up in the morning.
Tiffany 5
Use it every night! I wake up so much easier now

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