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Battle with your Mini Troops, Grow your Mini Kingdom, and Conquer Mini Land!

Mini Kingdoms is a fast-paced Action-strategy game where you battle other player's Mini Kingdoms to claim riches and glory.

Key features:
- No Build Timers, Buildings and upgrades are constructed instantly in Mini lands.
- No Training Timers, in Mini Lands we use Attack energy to attack.
- Play with thousands of players around the world and see where you stand in the global leader board.
-Deep strategic puzzle-like game play, Only your skill will determine the battle outcome.

What are you waiting for? Join our Mini world and lead your Mini Kingdom to glory!

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4.0.3 and up
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Phique 4
All cool. You said it would be no timers but i noticed you guys added the build timer to the ios version... If you guys add that here, I'll hate you guys forever.
Fajrian 2
This game really good and u dont have to wait for hour and hours to upgrade something but pfft last update really pissed me off u can make it hardest as u like but pls dont put energi in it we just has 3!! pls be generous
Inferno 4
Hey guys, this game is great. All u have to do is wait for your energy to reproduce and money which is nice to have. However, speaking of the money I found it a little annoying when it comes to saving it. I might spend a few min on here building up my money, and when I leave I might get attacked which is algood. When your place is half destroyed the 5 hour shield actives, which is nice but... when it is full destroyed there is no add on shield time protection. Which is really annoying especially when your wanting to upgrade something, and yet I can't get it without the saved up money people take. Also could u add some little objects around the place that u can take down and maybe get a gem from it. Thanks! 😃
Pale_ 1
Energy!!!! Noooo this used to just be a game you can play and not care about anything. The game is just ruined and it sucks because i really liked this game but 3 energy your insane if you think that made the game fun...if you can remove it please
Deneth 5
Good game I love this but I like 💗if there are unlimited energy and many troops in this game thanks for making a game like this and I also like the leagues ♦️ in this game i hope the team will be listen to my advice thank you I hope you will add the clans immediately
Samir 5
The best around, the energy sistem is just awesome, with 4 energy you get 4 atks every 2 hours, this way you never get tired. Love it.
Brandon 3
The only thing I dont like about this game is only having 5 energy, I really just want a game I can binge play to kill time, and it kinda dictates when I can play.
Krytix 5
Fun game lots of ajility but just please make energy easyer to get or atleast not a thing but utherthanthat best game ever
Tundra 5
It's good but why do you have go copy every single thing from clash of clans but just remove wait time and add energy. What the hell
Good game and please add new trops and remove ant troop is are idiotical art ...
Lourde 1
The last update ruined the game.

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