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"You Can Heeal Your Life By Louiss Hay" - 1984 - 272 pages "

With its almost child-like motif of a rainbow-colored heart on the cover, You Can Heal Your Life offers a message of non-judgmental love and support that has endeared it to people everywhere. Since release it has sold three million copies in 30 countries, and Hay is now a matriarch of the self-help, New Age and holistic healing movements. She attributes the book's success simply to her ability to 'help people change without laying guilt on them' and in fact the book has the calmness of a person who has gone through the worst and survived. This is a survivor narrative, and the title only really makes sense when we read the final chapter, a plain-speaking record of Hay's difficult personal history.

The book

You Can Heal Your Life is the message of a person who has crawled out of victimhood, and this aspect of it has had enormous appeal, particularly to women with similar histories. The essence of Hay's teaching is love of the self and evaporation of guilt, a process that Hay believes not only makes us mentally free but physically healthy, as the study of psycho-immunology attests. Affirmations are vital in becoming the person we wish to be, and the book contains many to choose from. All the familiar self-help messages are given attention, including breaking free of limiting thoughts, replacing fear with faith, forgiveness, and understanding that thoughts really do create experiences.

Some of the main points:

Disease (or 'dis-ease' as she calls it) is the product of states of mind. Hay believes that the inability to forgive to be the root cause of all illness. Healing requires us to release the pattern of thought that has led to our present condition. The 'problem' is rarely the real problem. The superficial things we don't like about ourselves mask a deeper belief that we are 'not good enough'. Genuinely loving the self (but not in a narcissistic way) is the basis for all self-healing. Chapter 15 in the book lists just about every illness and its likely corresponding mental 'blockage'. Skeptics may find the list to be remarkably accurate if they open their minds a little.

Affirmations are about remembering our true selves and utilizing the power of that self. Therefore, trust in the power of affirmations to manifest what you want. They must always be positive, and in the present tense; for example, 'I am totally healthy,' or 'Marvelous work opportunities are coming to me.'

Prosperity: 'Whatever we concentrate on increases, so don't concentrate on your bills.' You will only create more of them. Gratefulness for what you do have makes it more abundant. Become aware of the limitless supply of the universe - observe nature! Your income is only a channel of prosperity, not its source.

Security: 'Your security is not your job, or your bank account, or your investments, or your spouse, or parents. Your security is your ability to connect with the cosmic power that creates all things.' If you have the ability to still your mind and invoke feelings of peace by realizing your are not alone, you can never really feel insecure again.

Self-love: One of the first things Hay will say to people who come to see her is 'stop criticizing yourself!' We may have spent a lifetime doing this, but the beginning of real self-love - which is one of the main ingredients in healing your life - happens when we decide to give ourselves a break.

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