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The first 3D ARPG of FINAL FANTASY in Malaysia and Singapore has launched!

When nine and nine meet nine, here we come! The first 3D ARPG of FINAL FANTASY in Malaysia and Singapore has launched, and will bring you to the creation of the world.

SQUARE ENIX authorized, the first 3D ARPG of FF in Malaysia and Singapore, with exciting action experience and film-like CG, FINAL FANTASY AWAKENING will lead you into the world of FINAL FANTASY.

[Game Features]
Back to classic. Brand new experience!
SQUARE ENIX authorizes, the first 3D MMOARPG of FINAL FANTASY in Malaysia and Singapore.

Film-like CG. New experience of story
Inherit the world view of FINAL FANTASY Type-0. Highly restore the original storyline. A wonderful visual feast with more than 200 CGs.

No turn-based anymore. Experience new JIT
The first ARPG of Final Fantasy in Malaysia and Singapore. Fluent action experience and cool battle scene give you a fantastic Final Fantasy world.

Eidolon arrives. Summon the final reason
Eidolon, the symbol of power and death! Bahamut, Ifrit, Golem, and Shiva offer you support to success!

Heroes’formation of Class Zero
Different strategies with various heroes’ bonds. Form your own Class Zero team!

Throne of Paragons, cross-server PK
Match cross-server opponents! 9V9, fight for the top throne!

Dimension Battle. Cross-server Arena
Destroy the base of the opponents for plenty of rare items!

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Jekyll 5
The truth is... I only downloaded it because of some character voiced by my favourite seiyuu (japanese voice actor) but then.... I accidentally fall in love with it. And this game is my first RPG game! Totally love it! Just hope that more voiceover done for all character. Literally they speak the same even though i am totally looking forward to hear their voice.
Mike 5
Awesome game. Maybe you could add a feature where we could switch between different set of teams? Like, there are 3 set of teams. Team 1 has all legendary heroes, the elite ones. Team 2 consists of balanced heroes. Team 3 is just for tryout abilities and characters. Something like that. Not necessarily in order like this. We could create our own set of teams and switch between them. And maybe you could add daily achievements of using normal heroes to pass certain stage or fight certain monsters using certain types of heroes.
Gabriel 3
Changed from 1star to 3star rating. Initially rated 1star due to P2W VIP system. Raise the rating after playing for a few weeks. Overall gameplay is amazing, quite generous in gaining diamonds. Only willing to spent if it a cheap bundle like the recharge which unlock Ace/Queen. But still dislike that you are unable to progress VIP and unlock certain stuff unless you spent money.
yume 5
I am a huge FF Type 0 fan, so this game no doubt will come into my no1 wanna play phone games. So far just started out with the game. Cashed in like a baited fish because Ace was featured in there. Gameplay is reli smooth n the tapping when atking feels extremely gooddddd. But its only day 2 since this game first launched so there is more to explore before i can give an honest review. But i will give my utmost bias 5* for this game.
Hor 1
Lousy VIP pay to win system. You need to accumulate a total of USD 20,000 to reach VIP 20, seriously? (Sometimes having login issue) Use few thousands to buy a PS4 and a nice TV, and you can enjoy other FF games with much better graphics and game play. Lots of things to do, but NO chance for you to grind/enjoy cause restricted by STAMINA system. Should change the name to Final FaMoney Awakening.
Jo 5
I love this game! It's as good as, if not better than FF Type 0! Another classic in FF series. Although, could the auto be disabled for the arena attacks? Because I do like to plot my fighting personally. Or is there a level or task to complete before that can be done? For a game that is about 2 weeks old, there are surprisingly few bugs and good gameplay!
Lechevalier 1
VIP system n MULTIPLE SERVERS..As new servers will be added older servers will become dead.. less n less players in older servers.. Duhh.. The game design SAME AS ALL ARPG only with FINAL FANTASY SKIN.. Nothing new. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY IS BETTER N DESIGNED BY SQUARE ENIX..
Ella 5
I'm a big fan of FF. Some ppl say its slow in download and all. But I felt it runs very smoothly, dont have a problem on it. Great graphics, as expected in Final Fantasy, It will be much more better if the music can be louder a bit more compare to sound effect which is too loud.
rbzn 5
Everything so far is good. Very smooth gameplay, not too complicated or tedious. Every stage is different and not just a repeat of the same stage with harder difficulty. Very interesting storyline and graphics are amazing. I am loving this game more than most of my other games... i highly recommend this game
Desmond 4
Overall its a good game. Its still relatively new so I think we can expect some more updates to come. One minor issue I am having is that the cut scenes have no voice over and the kupo screech is damn piercing.
Grey 5
Player's avatars lack diversity. The male avatars the face type, complexion, hair styles, body shape etc are too feminine. No option for darker skin tone, no scars and tattoos, no varieties of body types and statures like muscularly or dwarven , no balding or receding hair line or bushy beard etc


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