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Vista Golf - Gameplay Trailer (iOS, Android)

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Competitive Zen Mini Golf

Vista Golf is a simple but elegant mini golf game, defined by crisp controls and the endless competition of new courses every week. We wanted to create the purest form of mini golf in your pocket, so if you seek both fun and frustration, Vista Golf is your game.

Competitive Mode: Each week, compete for the top spot across three 18-hole courses. At the end of each week, three leaders are crowned, and three beautiful new courses will be opened.

Infinite Mode: Relax and play as far as you'd like on our slightly-larger-than-regulation-size endless course.

-3 new courses every week!
-Cross-platform leaderboards!
-Achievements with unlockable badges!
-Infinite mode!
-Simple drag-and-shoot controls!

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Latest Ratings

Caleb 5
I LOVE THIS GAME! It is very addicting and looks stunning. Only two suggestions; first is just the multi tier course issue where you cant see the ball the other is just a way i see this app going. I think it would be awesome to make your own golf holes/courses and share them in game with like a lobby showing off the most played courses and stuff. This is not a make or break thing for me but i would love to see that in the future.
Jonathan 4
I want to see what par is and what shot I'm currently taking. Is this my shot 1/4 (4 for par) or 3/4. I don't want to have to keep track. Also allow me to see my card randomly throughout the game with a small button so I know how in doing because as a user I had no idea until the end and that's a long time to not know your score.
restcure 4
Nice golfin' game, good courses. The controls are bit too sensitive for my tastes, and sometimes my strokes are mistaken for rotation and for zoom (one finger pinch?). A slightly higher zoom-in level would also be nice. If not a design choice, maybe extend the x-ray to the castle hazard and the high course-bank.
Itz 5
Finally a game that has ads but doesn't out them everywhere and force you to watch them every 2minites. Please Devs this is a great game. Don't ruin it with invasive ads! This is a great mini golf game with easy to learn but hard to master gameplay and controls. Any mini golf or even regular golf fans should give this a try. Perfect game for on break playing 5 minutes or playing when bored.
Chris 3
Leaderboard won't submit. Stuck on the screen where you pick a name and a badge. Also clicking the video icon for a redo nothing happens. Lots of broken functionality. Also seems pretty unintuitive with the power scaling and friction plays a much harder role. Idk I feel like of I play mini golf I can really make it bounce around if I wanted.
Miles 5
I love this game, it's so much fun. But I would like an investigation into week 11 easy course. Garcia had a score of 19. A hole in one on 17 holes and 1 birdie. Bullsh**, especially when the closest score was a 32. I really hope hacker and cheaters are not finding their way into this game too. Other than that, great game.
Drew 5
Absolutely fantastic. Simple, relaxing, fun, ads are implemented very well (unobtrusive, not obnoxious). You could maaaaybe make it so the trees fade out on the few occasions they get in the way, not sure how hard that would be though. Thank you for a fantastic game.
Andy 1
At no point did I forget that I was playing bad video game golf. The physics engine is terrible and there's nothing like wind or slight grades to make the ball do anything other than go in a straight line. Just bad.
Daniel 2
It's a good game but needs some adjustments. There are times the ball is directly over the hole but doesn't go in. You can see the outline of the cup 360 degrees around. What bothered me the most were the multi level holes where you can't see your ball or even the path which makes the shot impossible. I guess I'll just have to try another game. This one had a lot of promise.
Travis 4
Fun game that actually allows solo play. I had a rough time trying to find a good game that doesn't constantly try to pair you with other players. I do have troubles sometimes where you can't control the camera enough to get a view of the hole and your ball, particularly when the holes have multiple levels. That gets frustrating.
That 5
I love how this game displays the true game of mini golf. Many games try to make you throw your wallet out or wait time. This game is as simple as it can get! The only issue with the game I have were always small and were always fixed.

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