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An epic fitness RPG journey

PEDOMETER + RPG = Fitness Fantasy!

Train your team of heroes as you exercise, the more activities the stronger your heroes become! Let’s take on the challenges, and embark on the journey of becoming the new best you!

It has been 12 years since the Dark Force took over Fitland. Villagers await the savior to return. Will you be the one to lead a team of heroes, defeat enemies and save them all?

* Fitness RPG - Convert your steps into free energy and use them to level up heroes
* Sync steps - Connect and sync steps from phone, Fitbit and Google Fit
* Battlegrounds - Explore the Fitland map, fight monsters and save the realm
* Team of heroes - Collect and train different heroes, form the ace team
* Precious equipment and skins - Collect, upgrade precious weapons to make your team stronger
* Arena - Compete with other players and fight your way to the top

Please Note: Fitness Fantasy is a free-to-play game, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

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Latest Ratings

Richard 5
Great game. Main problem is it doesnt seem to autosave, so you have to manually save your progress a lot like you are playing an MS DOS RPG. I forgot to manually save when I first started and had to redo the first 9 levels or so, and I sometimes forget to save before bed. Game itself is awesome.
Robert 4
Great concept, however when it was beta sadly worked better than it was now it's live. Won't count steps when I link to my phone or sync with my fit account. There needs to be a manual sync option so you can force it to update.
Kevin 2
Uninstalled the game after 1 day because it didn't log steps properly. I connected game to my phone and it did not log at least half the amount i walked
Leslie 3
It's a good game, but I just have a few suggestions. A way to lower the sensitivity of the phone option would be fantastic. I was just tapping away at my phone and it recorded like 50 steps. A way to pause the tracker (preferably through the notification) would be appreciated as well.
Carlie 3
i really want to say it works entirely. i like the concept, with the game and all, but it doesnt count my steps at all! it only counted them when i started shaking my phone vigorously. i like how we use step energy to buy upgrades and stuff, but it doesnt do what it intends to do (entirely), and that is count the steps i make throughout the day.
Warrior 1
Doesn't count would give 0 stars and it deleted all my progress up to that part removing this stupid game/app
Kelly 2
Tried it, can't get past the walk 10 steps part of the tutorial despite adding it to Google fit and walking at least 50 logged steps. Good idea, just doesn't work
KittyDamsel13 2
This app is freaking annoying. I try over and over to connect (phone and even Google fit) and constantly it doesn't work. 30minutes I'll never get back. Ps. Yes I did the help, faq, whatever and none of it wirked
ShadowGamer 5
I do like it one problem whan im not moving at all it is giving me lots of steps can you please fix it
allen 4
Fun lil game. I can see though how it can be exploited though, but thats any game that relies on the integrity of the player.
Phyu 1
The app deleted my process and forced me to restart. I'm really disappointed.


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