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Build a deck and become a legendary hero in this amazing tactical game!

Pick up your cards and challenge players all over the world in a new collectible card game CCG! Use the unique skills of your cards in fast turn-based battles and deal crushing blows and strike your enemy with spells and magic to achieve victory. Whether a novice or an experienced strategist, you’ll easily get to grips with the game and feel its depth and challenge. The amazing graphics and special effects are sure to impress you!

BEGIN AN ADVENTURE! The game begins with an exciting journey in which you free the captured lands from enemies and reveal the secrets of the elder scrolls. The story quests will help you quickly find your feet, and as a reward you’ll get new cards and powerful artifacts.

BUILD YOUR DECK. Cards obtained in online battles will add to your collection, which will grow along with your mastery. Develop your own strategy, choose cards that suits you, and march toward victory!

LEGENDARY ARENA. Fight online duels against real players, get rewards for reaching new leagues and get to the top of the Leaderboard.

TOURNAMENT OF GLORY. Have a blast and get new in-game experience with global weekly events – the rules change every time. Come up with a reliable strategy, take a prize-winning place, and everyone will hear about it!

CLAN WARS. Clans are the hearthstone, where in the evenings you can relax and chat with your best friends. Join the clans to fight with your friends in the clan battle, like in big online RPG! Find the heroes who, with the might and magic, will lead your clan to victory!

Hone your skills, use different tactics, build an epic deck of cards and who knows, maybe you could become a Legend!

Install and play for free right now!

✔ This is a collectible card game CCG / TCG, with elements of RPG and strategy
✔ Fast card battles lasts only 2-3 mins
✔ Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese
✔ The game takes place online, so you need an Internet connection to play with your friends
✔ Having problems? Write about it in the Help section of our in-game forum and we’ll make sure to help you
✔ We recommend 1GB or more of RAM and a CPU of at least 1.2GHz
✔ Facebook:

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Latest Ratings

James 5
New cards I would like to see added as far as the art... more angels, fairies, dragons, Greek and Norse mythology, and legendary cards (like kings and such) and set bonuses for example... king, Jack, queen, joker cards give you an increased attack by 1 or 2.
André 4
Game is awesome, but progression is quite slow. 15 points energy bar that refills in 2h, nobody can level cards up with just that. I think energy should refill a little bit faster.
Johnny 5
Dark Knight card! Deals damage to self but more to target
Arifin 1
Sorry uninstalled this game,first time play this game very interesting but new update made this game so slow ,always reconnecting ,and the problem of course not my connection,I am using wifi and play other game not have a problem ,I cant stand anymore ,this is very annoying for me ...
Nice little piece, as for new cards just mature what you've all ready created, use the cards you've got as a foundation stone and expand, and the art could be much better hi Def 3d pics would be awesome
YellowNinjaGirl 5
Great game how about a cleric heals and boost DMG or health
Hunter 5
Good, quick, games to play. Takes strategy and cunning. Very enjoyable experience. Card suggestion: Melee - can only attack in front 8 atk, 10hp. Ability: loses 2 atk and 2hp every round unless an enemy is destroyed. Starts strong, scales to be really strong when leveled up, but weakens unless your team kills faster.
Mc 5
Card ideas that I can think of now: Card that doubles attack value on first turn only. Card that ignores damage (even from skill) when attacked for the first time only. Card that attacks twice for first turn only. Card that resurrect dead allies as long as it remains in battle. Card that counterattacks when it is ranged attacked. Card that is immune to melee attack but not ranged attack. Card that sacrifices itself to permanently posses an enemy card to attack them from within. Card that poisons all enemies every round.
Joshua 2
The grind starts quite early and the level progression is too slow. I am stuck in the campaign and cannot progress any further but beating a mission gives 18xp to a random card and I have cards that require 5000xp to their next level. That is going to take months and months to level my best cards.
Gia 4
card suggestion: Ninza: 20% change to evade incoming attack. Guardian: Armored (reduce incoming attack by x), 50% to change to protect ally damage to himself. Parasite: Deal 3 random enemy, if attack sucess increase damage take by enemy by 1 (repeateable). Samurai: Focus, delay attack for 1 turn, deal double damage next turn. When attacking 20% change to increase damage by x. Frostmage: When enemy attacked skip card turn.
Jennifer 4
It a good game...good idea..a bit different twist on Outher games of this kind...i hav no suggestions at this time..but if game continue to grow it could delvop in to something great...I hope this is just the beginning it do need something more to make it will as long as devopers r calling it finished... I like it now can't wait to say I love it....


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