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Very fast and well-featured emulator to run GameBoy and GameBoy Color games.

This app is designed for Samsung Gear Fit 2 and Gear Fit 2 Pro.

How to install?
1. First install Samsung Gear application if you didn't yet.
2. Pair Samsung Gear with your Gear watch via Bluetooth.
3. Open Samsung Gear manager, go Settings -> About Gear and tick option Unknown Sources.
4. Now install the app from this site.

This app is very fast and well-featured emulator to run GameBoy and GameBoy Color titles.

IMPORTANT: this app does not include any ROMs. You need to obtain yours in a legal way. Then transfer it to your watch storage. You can transfer ROM file to any folder on your watch. The emulator looks for all ROM files stored in the watch. We recommend to use Filesmaster which can transfer any files from a phone to a watch. Additionally, Filesmaster distinguishes ROM files and allows to extract ZIP archives too. You must transfer files with extension .gbc or .gb. ZIP archives are not recognized. You have to unpack them before transfer to Gear or unpack by Filesmaster.

After launching press HW Back button to open app menu. Choose Load ROM to load a ROM file.

The emulator supports full-screen mode. However, the screen will be a little streteched in horizontal dimension. To set full-screen mode click HW Back and find option Full Screen.

Please note: this is the only emulation. Probably some games might work a little incorrect. To get the best performance and user experience we strongly recommend to use a real GameBoy device.

This app does not include any BIOS file.

This emulator has no ads and does not use internet connection.

Game screenshots used in app's description come from the real games and should be treated only as example. To play these games and others you must obtain them in legal way. Remember: you should own a game before use it on the emulator.

LEGAL NOTE: This application is in no way associated with the Nintendo Corporation or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Trick: other way to transfer ROM files into watch without Filesmaster. You can use Gear Manager to transfer files with extension .gbc or .gb using below method. Select on your phone ROM file you want to transfer to your Gear. Temporarily rename its extension from .gbc or .gb to .mp3. Open Gear Manager and find option to transfer music files into Gear. Install on the gear any file manager, find a mp3 file in music/ folder and change extension to .gbc or .gb.

1. Installed it from Google Play and can't see the emulator on my Gear watch. Make sure Bluetooth connection is active for your phone and Gear.
2. Still no app on my watch and Bluetooth for phone and watch is on. Apps for your watch are installed by Samsung Gear manager. Make sure you have installed Samsung Gear on your Android phone before. If you got non-Samsung phone you must install Samsung Gear from Google Play and other libs recommended by Samsung like Samsung Accessory, Samsung Fit2 Plugin.

Please report bugs and new ideas at support email. Thanks.

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