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Import your MMS, SMS & group messages from Windows Phone to Android! Best app!

Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO: import MMS messages, group messages and SMS messages from Windows Phone right into your Android Phone messaging storage.

Have you switched from Windows Phone and you want your messages on your Android phone? Don't lose your important text or media messages! You can transfer your MMS, SMS and even group messages from Windows Phone to Android very easily.

Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO is an advanced version of the free Import SMS from Windows Phone application. It supports SMS and MMS backup files from both 'contacts+message backup' and 'Transfer my Data' apps from Windows Phone.

It is simple, easy to use and the best solution available! Transfer your exported backup file from Windows Phone to your Android phone and the application will do the rest for you.

1. MMS messages can now be imported from your Windows Phone into your Android Phone; both MSG and PDU formats are supported.
2. Correct and validate automatically invalid MSG exported files by the Windows Phone.
3. Group messages with both SMS and MMS can now be imported from Windows Phone.
4. Improved performance of the application; The retrieval is faster according to your phone's processor (CPU).

The INTERNET permission is NOT asked, so your data won't be collected by this app.

1. Export SMS or MSS messages from Windows Phone with:
contacts+message backup app for devices WITHOUT an SD Card
contacts+message or Transfer my Data app for devices WITH an SD Card
2. Copy the exported files (VMSG, MSG or the ENTIRE FOLDER which contains PDU files and an .xml file) to your Android phone via USB, email, cloud etc.
3. Start Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO.
4. Allow the permissions in order for the application to work.
5. Tap Import messages; the app will search the files for you.
6.1 If there are more than 1 file, a list with all of them will appear; PDU files will appear with the name of the directory which contains them.
Choose one of them by tapping on it and the file will be read
6.2 The only file found will be read.
7. You can choose to select from which numbers to import or to import all.
8. For Android 4.4+, approve the change for Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO to become Default SMS App.
9. Wait until the restoration is complete. Change back the Default SMS app to what it was before restoration.
10. Go to your Android message box and you'll find your messages from Windows Phone.

If you've exported your MMS messages using Transfer my Data app, they will exported in PDU format in a folder. Each MMS is a single PDU file.
PLEASE COPY THAT ENTIRE FOLDER into your Android Phone in order to import your MMS messages from PDU files!

If you are having any issues, before leaving a review, please contact me via 'Report a problem' menu section inside the app, or write me an email.
I respond very quickly and I will fix your problems right away!

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Gordon 4
Did exactly what was needed. I only had a few problems. One, when it asked what backup to use I didn't know what the difference was. I only did one backup on my WinPhone but this app gave two options. I assumed I would have to do both, so I did. Second, there was no mention of whether this would run if the screen time out. My screen timed out in the second transfer and when I unlocked it was at the home screen with no confirmation that the transfer was successful. So I ran the import a second time. I was hoping it would either skip already imported messages, or alert me that the import had already been successful. I got neither so I let it run. It looks like many texts were duplicated, either from importing both files, or importing one twice. I see no way to undo it so I have to decide to live with it, or wipe all messages and try again. I'm not sure if I needed the pro version in the end. I think I would be happier overall if the app was just a 99¢ regardless of what you needed. I for see this app being very popular as WinPhone dies out.
This app is super easy to use and imported all my mms messages flawlessly. I can't recommend it highly enough!!!
Can i give 100 stars. When people said i cant get my mms of my windows phone, your app jumped in and said, here i am to save the day and all my messages and pictures and video attachments. Awesome App!!!! Love it! Jon
Really simple app and well worth the money! It transferred my 50k texts and everything was there. Also you actually take the time to read the reviews and reply which is cool from a dev.
Brad 5
This is an amazing app. It works just as promised. Had no issue importing 36000 SMS and close to 500 MMS messages. There was a small problem with the timetamps and MMS import but the developer worked with me to fix it. The app is now patched for this. I am very impressed with the responsiveness and skill of this developer. Highly recommend this program.
Alexandru 5
Woow.. this app is exactly what I was looking for. It did the job flawlessly. Simple, straight forward user interface !!! I've tried a few other apps before this one but they didn't get job done( SMS limit, MMS was not supported, difficult user interface and loooots of ads ). My only regret is that I didn't found this app earlier and I spent at least 3 hours trying to make other apps work. Best $2 ever spent :D
Laurent 5
Easy to use. Bought the pro version to transfer my mms. I had a little issue while exporting from my lumia 735 but it got solved quickly thanks to the very reactive support.
David 5
Thanks so much for making this app! I successfully ported over 15,000 SMS and MMS (dating back to 2013) from Lumia 950 to my new Galaxy Note 8. No hassle messages ported first time! Great Job!
Thank you so much for creating this much needed app. I upgraded from Nokia 930 win 10 to pixel 2 and was unable to restore messages, contacts and chats. Thanks to your app I was able to restore all my sms. Keep up the good work and THANK YOU!
Stefan 5
Thank you for making this app! The contacts and msgs backup app on winphone 8.1 (Lumia 640) creates sms & mms backups that other Android apps seem unable to restore. This was so painless!
Stella 5
Fabulous app that worked exactly as it said it would. It was so easy to use. The instructions for manually importing sms from windows phones were too complicated for me but this app was simple. Very happy to pay a few dollars for the pro version. Thank you.

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