Wild West: New Frontier

Wild West: New Frontier








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By Social Quantum Ltd Category Simulation

Description & Details

Find fame and farming success in the Wild West!

Play a free game set in the Wild West!

Build and run your own farm; it takes just 10 minutes a day to make the land prosper.

• Play with friends!
• Grow corn and rye, berries and fruit
• Raise and feed cows, chickens, and pigs
• Build the grill, bakery and summer kitchen—and get cooking!
• Sell goods from your farm at the best prices
• Open a mine and get gold and silver


• Unique 3D graphics
• Ability to chat with friends
• Camera rotation—inspect your farm from every angle!

On your farm, you can:

• Cultivate helpful plants
• Adopt and care for cute animals
• Construct an original farmscape
• Make dishes with produce you grew yourself, using recipes from the Old West
• Develop manufacturing to get wood, stone, gold and silver

The Wild West awaits you!

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Latest Ratings

cindy 5
Love playing but have 2 suggestions. We need another mill. When we have large orders to fill it takes forever to complete those orders because the mull is tied up all the time. Maybe every 40 levels add a mill purchase option. When selling on the market, we need an option for a blind add or a neighborhood only sell or trade.. make these upgrades and so far game would be perfect!
Bobby 4
Highly addictive. Fun game, great time killer. Main beef is the lack of mills for much needed flour/grain. Half of all items require these and takes too long to make with only one. Also could use the ability to gift items to neighbors and modify sale price if you want to raise/lower price of item for sale instead of not selling and just taking up one of only a few slots. Could also do away with low caps on friends you can follow.
Taryn 5
I love these type of games just like hayday. I have noticed it freezes and takes ages to load the newspaper. Also would be helpful if it could tell you who needs help in the newspaper would help filling orders quicker. Also I have noticed alot of people selling the same parts and harder to get others and it's extremely rare to get the land parts without paying
P 3
The game doesnt give enough case vs things to buy or fix. Also have issues with getting product into the alloted spaces. I thought it was my screen but had it cleaned thoroughly and it still happens. It takes several attempts!!! The story is cute. The graphics are cute as well. Ive noticed it has a couple of choices from other games Ive played on older phones. I would suggest the game to others but get the issues fixed and itll be a 5star game.
Stephanie 5
It takes quite a while to open once you download @ least for my android tablet, so be patient, but once it started it is adictive. Highly adorable graphics. You can buy and sell to others without having to suck in your FB friends (a major play worthy factor for me) and while you do have wait times, ppl need to remember this is an app. You are not supposed to live here. Definitely a game worth trying.
A lil slow and a strange setup. Overall an ok game, I'm kinda new though so I might get addicted later on, there is plenty to do if you like to be doing somethin.I would say that the Barn story version is better but needs the bugs worked out of it.i think I'll enjoy this game eventually though
Lisandra 5
Fun and relaxing. The cows with dorable big eyes that look so sad when they need to be milked. The piggies giggle their chubby bottoms when happy. So darn cute. The best part is that with this game I don't have to worry that someone will burn my farm while i sleep 😊
Steve 1
OMG.. they copied Hay Day and made it harder, more expensive and more time consuming. Takes forever to grow and make items. Getting westbucks free is a joke. Be prepared to pay if you want to accomplish anything in this game. Hard to make cash as well to buy buildings and open areas.
Nat 4
( Fixed!!) Thanks!! I just wanted to let social quantum know that I had 20 Santa quest items stuck in my inventory that I can't get rid of... All good now!! ... Also the feed machine doesn't give the right feed out sometimes... When you go to use it...it changes to another feed ... Sometimes you loose what you got from the animal too!! Other than that still hooked.... To Everyone else this is a very good game ...give it a try!!
Elizabeth 1
I worked very hard to earn items to get more land . It takes an unreasonable amount of time and energy to earn items to increase storage and obtain new land. Once I had the items finally, I clicked on new land and didn't get it. Not only did I NOT get land but the game took all the items I had collected to obtain the land. I wrote to game about this but nothing has happened . I have not retrieved my items from the game. Also each time I ask for help I don't receive any useful feedback. Finally, your full name is on the game for everyone to see even when you choose a different username and farm name. This is unacceptable for privacy and safety reasons.
Mary 4
Ok this is getting ridiculous I am not receiving my stamps or items from treasure chest. Plz plz plz fix this 12 stamps and 1 gold horseshoe I really like this game and do not want to uninstall bcuz of glitches thank you please correct and credit my missing rewards thank you. Happy New Year


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