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Join the fastest-growing global community of code learners!

Learn to code on the go for FREE with SoloLearn!

Start with any of 12 programming languages, including Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JQuery, C#, Swift.

• Facebook FbStart’s App of the Year 2017

• Featured on TechCrunch, Forbes, ProductHunt, Lifehacker, and more.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, SoloLearn combines the best user-generated content with real-time support and the friendliest community ever! Our community makes learning to code as easy and as mobile as it can possibly get.

LEARN Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Ruby, JQuery, C# or Swift through interactive lessons, CODE in the mobile code playground, PLAY with friends and peers, and DISCUSS to learn or help others learn.
Build your unique CODER PROFILE faster than ever!

• SoloLearn is Interactive and FUN! Coding becomes easy to understand.
• SoloLearn is Personalized! We know what you need and when.
• SoloLearn is Mobile! Learn anytime, wherever you are.
• SoloLearn is about New Content every day! There’s always something new to learn.
• SoloLearn is Gamified! Collect XPs, improve your ranking, and stand out from the crowd.

No in-app purchases, no ads. Only the best experience for the best community ever!

Content description

C++ tutorial includes over 80 lessons that cover basic concepts of C++, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, classes, and objects, and many more of C++.

Java tutorial includes 65 lessons that cover basic concepts of Java, conditionals and loops, arrays, classes and objects, exceptions, lists, threads and files and many more of Java.

Python 3 tutorial includes 92 lessons that cover basic concepts of Python, control structures, functions and modules, exceptions and types, functional programming, object-oriented programming in Python, regular exceptions, pythonicness and packaging, and many more of Python.

JavaScript tutorial includes 51 lessons that cover basic concepts of JavaScript, conditionals and loops, functions, objects, core objects, DOM and events, and many more of JavaScript.

PHP tutorial includes 46 lessons that cover PHP basic syntax, variables, operators, arrays, control structures, functions, predefined variables, working with files, and many more of PHP.

C# tutorial includes 69 lessons that cover basic concepts of C#, conditionals and loops, methods, classes and objects, arrays and strings, inheritance and polymorphism, structs, enums, exceptions and files, generics, and many more of C#.

Ruby tutorial includes 57 lessons that cover basic concepts of Ruby, control structures, collections, methods, object oriented programming, modules, mixins, standard classes, working with files, and many more of Ruby.

jQuery tutorial includes 26 lessons that cover attributes, content and CSS Manipulations, DOM, events effects, animations and many more of jQuery.

HTML tutorial includes 44 lessons that cover HTML overview, basics and HTML5.

CSS tutorial includes 71 lessons that cover CSS basics, working with texts, CSS properties, CSS3 basics, gradients and backgrounds, transitions and transforms and many more of CSS.

SQL tutorial includes 27 lessons that cover basic concepts of SQL, filtering, functions, subqueries, JOIN table operations, and many more of SQL.

Swift tutorial includes 53 lessons that cover Swift basics, control, flow and collections, functions, closures, object oriented programming, will help you get started with your first iOS app using Swift.

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Latest Ratings

I like the app, it's well thought out and the competition aspect is pretty cool. I would like to see the implementation of refresher quizzes for the different languages, so if it's been a while since you've done anything with C++ for example, you don't have to go through the entire learning block again.
Spectrum 1
The sound effects are awful and learning is difficult. How am I supposed to get through the first level without knowing the basics of coding? I don't even have XP, and the hints they give you are horrible. I would not recommend this app to anyone
Bryan 1
The new update ruined the app. I can't get passed the screen that says "find friends". No matter what option i chose, the app still crashes
Verma 5
What an awesome app! Coding has never been more fun. I was taking a coding course on some website. I'll confess it did feel boring. But this app makes it so much fun. Definitely a must have app.
Devon 5
WOW. I have never encountered such a useful, intuitive, and FUN to use app. Gamifying coding has made it 20x easier to learn. So far, this app has exceeded my wildest expectations. I haven't tried any others to learn coding skills but I don't foresee doing so!!
Veerendra 4
Dear developers, this app is great but I think you guys should include more examples at the end of each topic so that we can get an idea of implementation of the concepts taught and please elaborate topics in c++ like function,objects and classes as I found those a bit hard to understand. But overall I liked it very much plz care about what I said above. Keep going because you guys are the best.
Javid 5
Best intuitively designed programming learning platform ever! Keep up the awesome work Sololearn. Hope u start adding advance courses for your experienced students very soon.
rinnicks 5
Wonderful and emersive way to learn. A Zillion times better than trudging through textbooks and lectures. The comments section is also very informative. You'd be surprised hoe many people ask the same question you would. And there are plenty of people with the knowledge to help!
ihategoo 4
Its a good introduction and the community is really insightful. It can be a bit daunting jumping into this as it really is memorization that you need to get by practicing it
Ismail 5
Amazing User Interface and really great and basic lessons. Anyone would start taking coding with this app even if it is the last thing they would take.
obed 5
I love the challenge so much. It builds your knowledge on the basis you brushed over while learning how to program. Solo learning is fun... Learnt how to program Java from here....

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