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Hold to Dunk the ball over objects and avoid being swept off the screen.

Dunk is a fast paced, addictive game which requires users to jump over obstacles to avoid being swept off the screen, avoid more and more difficult shapes as your distance increases and stay in the game to become the master at dunking. Collect stars to unlock new balls with improved stats and cosmetics, explore new worlds and unlock new levels.

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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Rated for 3+
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10000 - 50000
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EtherPortal 5
I want to say Ben, I loved wire and this is just as addictive if not more I have played for an hour and saved up enough to buy the last ball (which I tweeted). And I have to put some self promotion in here 😂 follow my Twitter @_EtherPortal_
Laura 4
Addictive game. Just a bit annoying when the ball sticks to the bottom of the screen. 76M so far .. IG: Laura.e5754
Abraham 5
This is one of the most coolest game i have ever played!! Its very challenging and easy to control at the same time. Im already addicted to it and cant stop playing it.Thanks to #SORRYBRO for this wonderful New game.. Definitely love this New game and hopefully it will be the number one game on app store because it is definitely cool...
Well at first it is great, but then when you play it more you can notice a few things. Firstly why do we have a small gap from losing the game, one slip you are gone at least give us a chance. Secondly, it's called dunk? Why does my ball decided to sink to the bottom of the screen when I don't touch it. Thirdly some of the obsticals are too hard - maybe gradually get the to become harder? Reason four the game is laggy for me it doesn't respond when I am trying to get over obsticals. Sorry 3 stars pushing it.
Ariana 1
This is the worst game. So dull. It's such a simple game and has no real skill behind the design or game play
Saoirse 5
This game is so addictive I can't stop playing it. Ben please follow me I've been a a massive fan for a very long time btw I'm excited for more games to come😁😁😁😁 #bae #brofo #sorrybrogaming
Sharps 5
This game is so amazing and addictive. I just kepy playing and playing, I think my phone may just go bonkers or have a flat battery after I keep playing haha!
This is the best mobile game i have played in a while i have been playing it for 20 minutes and i am already addicted!! Good job @sorrybrogaming #dunk
Brian 4
After 3rd try the ball disappeared completely and wouldnt come back even after reloading game. Had to reinstall it get it back, other then that is great.
THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! even if I suck at it, my score is 73😂❤️ #BAE #BROFO #sorrybro #sorrybrogaming
Jake 3
Great game how ever not sure if the starts are meant to still add up if you press retry because it only adds the stars when you go to the shop not when you retry instantly

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