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By Sparkling Society Sims - Farm Town & CCG/TCG Games Category Strategy Action/Adventure

Description & Details

Jurassic Dinosaur: Ark of Carnivores -CCG/TCG- Compete & Upgrade Packs & Traits!

Welcome to Jurassic Dinosaur - Ark of Carnivores!

In this TCG game set in the Prehistoric Era, packed with epic dinosaurs, you are challenged with the task to rule this jurassic world by defeating powerful enemies on the road to survival.
Fight with powerful prehistoric dinosaur cards, collect awesome carnivores and herbivores, evolve your ark of mesozoic dino creatures, and unlock a wide variety of notorious dinosaurs, like the mighty t-rex, triceratops, several raptor dinos, spinosaurus, brachiosaurus and the ankylosaurus.
This CCG Ark game includes several battle game modes, such as campaign, tournaments but also an endurance mode to test your jurassic carnivores in an ultimate challenge to survival.

This game is not your typical CCG dino game: it is not turn-based, but real-time!
This makes the game really fresh and stand out from the crowd in this genre.
Unlock new traits for your dinosaurs as you upgrade them, which give them unique strategic elements during battles.
It is all about skill & timing during the card battles, and managing your ultimate deck in the meta game.

* 60+ Jurassic dinosaurs, such as t-rex, triceratops and raptors
* A beautiful prehistoric dino world
* Real time dinosaur card battles
* Fight bosses and conquer new battlegrounds
* Win cardpacks to unlock new dino cards
* Multiple battle modes
* Leaderboard
* Invite and play with friends
* CCG features: collect, upgrade, evolve your dinosaurs
* TCG features: donate cards to friends

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Latest Ratings

Matt 5
I actually enjoy games that give a large variety of dinosaurs. Right down to the ones that even I don't know. I love trying to play the game of guess the dinosaur, only to relise that dinosaur is a creature I have never heard of before. I recommend this to all big time dinosaur fans who want to see variety and a fast paced battle system that gets you thinking about how to win. Although the card pack opening is a little slow, the rest of the content in this game is worth every minute.
Kirinzero 4
So, they have several games that are cut and paste of this one. Not a bad game, it is actually more fun once you can start the tournament at level 8. Normally I'm not into games that are pvp, but I like their style. So, some people will have an issue with the structure of the tournament as it's actually not structured. The tournament is a king of the hill. Everyone starts at the first tier and progresses as they receive points. So, you will have to fight against people who have awesome decks, but it allows for everyone to reach the top. If you don't compete then you can't win. An issue that I have run across is that my tournament rank was not increasing even though I was winning, the correction was to exit the game and reenter. Tournament rank was adjusted correctly as well as receiving my prizes. Why there was an issue I'm going to guess was a connectivity problem. All in all not a bad time waster.
Melissa 5
Great yet simple game. I'm very addicted to this game and it's perfect for a short break here or there. My only few complaint is that the music and effects are generic and boring so I play with it muted. I also feel like all the players in there servers for battles are just bots not real humans which makes it less enjoyable.
Great 5
Very good game, nice idea, very "scary", u may find urself defeated very soon because it's really need tactic to win. You can even replay those completed stages to win better rewards. The only down site is instead of four card packs unlock simultaneously, only one card pack unlock at a time, which is a bit unrealistic, because after 4 card pack slot occupied, u cannot get new card pack from battle.
Elijah 5
This game is really fun but it takes to long to empty the card slots. I would suggest that there be a way to reduce time without buying a bunch of crystals or shorten the card times. This is the only thing that bumming me out.
Not consumer friendly like most free to play card game apps. You won't be able to advance unless you spend. Wait times to unlock card packs are way too long, and you have a limit on the amount you can obtain from the campaign. Note you can only open one at a time, meaning after waiting a day for one card pack, you'll have to wait another day to open the next pack. This makes the progress of this game worse when card packs are important to get new dinosaurs or leveling up your dinosaurs. Resources gained are also very little. While this game is visually beautiful and any dinosaur lover would be a fool to install any dinosaur app, it is not a good game. The gameplay is probably about one of the few good things of this game, its cons overshadow its pros though.
Blacklion 5
It's awesome! But, could you add like 3D models of each dinosaur? That would be awesome, and also a online chat and add glacier and aquatic creatures
Andrew 3
Very good game but rewards take to long to receive and cost to much to receive quicker please fix this to get a 5 star from me
mitch01 5
I like that it has a different map to deck adventures. The diamonds to coins rates are also much better
Bhagya 5
It is an awesome game if you tell it is not nice then you don't no to play
X-Krawler 5
Good game a little wonky if you don't spend money but other than that great and I like dinosaurs so well done


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