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This is a general portal app for information on FINAL FANTASY and related products.

◆ Get the latest info on all things FINAL FANTASY!
View the latest information on FINAL FANTASY games, books, music, merchandise, events, and more!

◆ Point system
By logging in through your Square Enix account, you can acquire points, which you can in turn exchange for various items. There are many ways in which points can be acquired:

- Daily login points
- Points for viewing news
- Points for viewing videos
- Points for viewing FF Topics

and more!

◆ Save up and exchange your points!
Acquired points can be exchanged for digital content, such as wallpapers for your smartphone!

◆ Play the in-app games!
You can acquire and play the card game "Triple Triad," or the original classics "FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version)" and "FINAL FANTASY II (Portal Version)."*

* Specified in-game apps are made specifically to launch from this portal app only.
* "FINAL FANTASY (Portal Version)" and "FINAL FANTASY II (Portal Version)" are not compatible with the non-Portal version apps of the same name.

◆ Compatibility
- Devices using Android 4.0 or later

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4.0 and up
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Rated for 3+
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100000 - 500000
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Android Community

Android Community



Android Authority

Android Authority

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    In celebration of the one year anniversary of the FF Portal app, Square Enix is offering up a free copy of Final Fantasy II for a limited time. Final Fantasy II was first released in 1987, though the game has seen a number of ports to other platforms over the years and still remains one of the best entries into the series, despite its age.Keep in mind that in order to secure your copy of FF2, you need to first download the FF Portal app, if you don’t have it already. From there you can download ...

Pocket Gamer

Pocket Gamer

  • Get Final Fantasy II free for a limited time

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Latest Ratings

Ices 2
Triple triad is bs with the new rules while you can't change them for solo because I really hate the chaos rule.
Brandon 1
Do not install Useless app, nothing but a poorly optimized and implemented money grab. It also requires WAY too many sensitive permissions. Why do you need my wifi/bluetooth information, account information, access to my photos and videos, access to my phone number and the number of the person I'm talking to, and my browsing history? You don't.
Rebecca 3
Triple triad Happy to finally have an official triple triad app game. However, the 5 crystal energy limitation is highly disappointing. Would pay a flat fee for permanent infinite energy or for a stand alone app game, but will not spend $$ for temporary energy recharging. Needs a better way to do versus battles. More often than not, there are no matches available.
ferretshadowprod 2
Game destined to fail I'm a huge ff8 fan and would play triple triad for hours. So imagine my excitement when it's finally released for Android. However there are to many bugs that make this game broken. 1. Broken login for most so no multi-player 2. Chaos rule is poorly implemented in game and should have it's own difficulty not be in normal 3. Remove restricted deck crafting 4. Needs a lvl up system for more crystal capacity or a flat rate on infinite plays. As is we have a meet glimpse of a great game just poorly done
Derisat 1
Advertiser for FF news, card game blows it has the FF8 triple triad game built in for cpu and PvP play. 90% of The app is SquareEnix advertisements and pointless "news". The Card game is subpar in comparison to the FF8 version, you'll end up with Draws more then 80% of the time, useless as tic-tac-toe. The "point" reward system is glaringly slow, with about a 2 point gain a day for logging in WITH a square enix account but the rewards are 10-100 points to claim. I outright hate it, uninstalling it. In a word "frustrating".
Dan 1
Pointless Can't login and I tried registering twice. Is SE id my email? Anyway, time to uninstall.
Scare 4
I'll be honest I only use it for the Triple Triad game lol It is a little lame that you only get 5 crystals but other than that it's fun. P. S. Logging on isn't hard. Don't be lazy, people.
Neil 2
Won't let me login. Seems to be a recurring issue, judging by previous reviews.
Zamaroth 5
Its good This may not as good as the originally and its a little lame the 15 minute wait but other then that its great! Oh boo hoo you don't like the rules or the wait or this or that. This generation wants instant gratification always. Get over it or go develop your own version
Murdernation 3
Fun game Fun game buuttt 5 crystals to play at a time is dumb and another difficulty in solo play would be nice
Corey 1
Lost My Purchase I got FF1 through this app when I first downloaded it some time ago. But now that I've changed phones, the app wants me to purchase the game again. My original purchase should be associated with my account. This is robbery. Does square really need my money again through an umpteenth purchase of this game?!

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