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Keep a pulse on your key business & website metrics with Squarespace Analytics.

At Squarespace we aim to empower our customers by creating tools that help you make informed business decisions.

Make better decisions for your business by making analytics a habit. The new Squarespace Analytics 2.0 app makes it easier than ever, allowing you to access key website metrics and insights anywhere, anytime.

The Squarespace Analytics app presents rich and detailed business metrics in a clean, easy-to-use dashboard reimagined for the smaller screens. Check key metrics at a glance, and drill down into more granular views to uncover actionable insights.

Monitor traffic trends and visitor activity

Traffic Sources: measure the impact of marketing on website traffic and revenue.
Activity Log: discover insights about website visitors, including geographical location and site path.

Keep tabs on key sales metrics

Top Products: view your best-selling products by revenue.
Purchase Funnel: track conversion through every step of the funnel, from visit to purchase.
Sales Overview: gain additional insight into your store’s sales by comparing trends to the previous period.

To contact us via email or live chat, please go to https://support.squarespace.com.

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Latest Ratings

Paul 2
Functionality seems OK, if basic, but the layout is poor on an Android tablet. It flips between a mobile view, full screen and half screen all whilst on the same tablet, which suggests it’s not following Android screen protocols correctly and can't detect the actual screensize. Even when it is rarely at the correct screensize it doesn’t appear to adapt to a widescreen at all, where a tiled masonry layout like the Google Analytics app has, rather than vertical, would be far better. The usual Squarespace lack of use of color grinds on me. Google analytics use of colors is far easier on the eye.
Tim 5
Awesome, awesome app. I usually don't rate apps even if I think they are garbage. So it's obvious then...... 5 stars from me.
Donovan 5
Works good so far...lots of info. Just a tad cluttered
Joshua 5
I love how specific and detailed this app is (in relation to owning a square space site). It helps you measure exactly where traffic is coming from and in turn helps you measure how well certain campaigns are fairing in real time. I also love how minimalistic the look and feel is; you don't have to click many tabs to get answers. I would recommend this app but more importantly, SqaureSpace to anyone!
Clayton 5
Finally! There one thing I have missed since switching from WordPress. Great app!
John 5
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. It's about time. Android users can now easily check website metrics. The interfece is well designed and very responsive. 👍👍👍👍
Tyler 4
So far so good. Just started using it today and already was able to get a good picture on data with our site that I didn't have before and right from my phone.
Pete 5
Awesome app- allows you to view the traffic to every page on your site, as well as the sources for all the traffic, and breakdowns between where the visitors are hearing about your site! For anyone with a squarespace site, this app is an absolute must-have!
Cain 5
I'm a Google fan all the way, but Squarespace's analytics blow Google Analytics out of the water, especially in the usability department.
Juan 5
I like being able to monitor my Squarespace Site from my mobile device. These apps are so much better than my previous WordPress site. Legit!
B 5
Tells me what I need to know, and that's all I need.

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