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TopBuzz Review

When first downloading the app, TopBozz, I was unsure on how it would hold up to my expectations. With such great reviews and bright and wonderful pictures, my hopes were high. To say the least, I was not let down at all. Coming into TopBuzz for the first time was magical. Hundreds of news stories, funny pictures, videos, and so much more. It was buzzing with all sorts of interesting articles and sections that you can choose based on your interests. The best part is that you will see unique stories on there that would not likely see on other news apps. Top Buzz works seamlessly as a news source as well as a great app for entertainment and interesting content.

The application itself is also very smooth and easy to handle. The user interface is outstanding. For an app with so many complexities and thousands of stories, it seems to hold together well and look good while doing it. When running on my Galaxy S7, the app worked great with little to no lag. Watching videos from YouTube, and probably other streaming sites, seems to be integrated into the app making it quick and simple to hit the play button and start watching your video without leaving the page. One of my favorite things about TopBuzz is its unique system that seems to watch and take note of what to search. The more you use the app, the more it knows and recommends what you like to read and see. It is quite useful when wanting to get on just to see the things that you like to see.

Although TopBuzz seems to be a wonderful app, there are some flaws and things that could be improved. One of the most noticeable is that you cannot use it in landscape mode (turning your phone to the side). This might be a huge downside for iPad or tablet users because of its orientation. Another fix that could make people a lot happier is a channel selection when first installing. Let new users choose what things they want to follow or maybe suggest some right of the bat instead of just throwing users in. Some people might not care to know about sports, politics, or technology. While others might be offended by the first thing they see and that’s not what you want. Letting people set up their channels right away could greatly increase consumer positivity.

Overall, TopBuzz is a fantastic news and entertainment application for your mobile device. It’s fun, informative, and easy to use. So many articles you find are out of the ordinary and unique that it most definitely draws your attention. Its more than just a news app, it’s an information gathering platform with tons of entertainment and eye pleasing content. The more you use TopBuzz, the more it understands you. I’ve now found my new favorite content app.

- Josh

Description & Details

Trending Videos, Funny GIFs, Top News, TV & Live Trivia Game Show

TopBuzz - a news app powered by artificial intelligence, delivers daily breaking news, local headlines, weather reports, global news, trending videos, articles and GIFs directly to you! TopBuzz provides over 10,000 trusted news sources, including CNN, Mashable, Reuters, YouTube, USA Today, Bloomberg, Refinery29, etc to personalize your own news feed around your interests. All in one & totally FREE.

Funny videos and GIFs also will be delivered to you. See what the world is watching - from the popular music videos to what‘s trending in game, news, sports, and more. Scroll through thousands of funny videos and GIFs you can share with your friends or on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, etc!


Beat The Q is a live trivia show game with cash prizes! You just need to answer questions and you can win BIG PRIZE! Enrich your mind and win big prizes with your knowledge! Daily Cash Shows!

Viral Content in Just One News App
* Find breaking news, videos, GIFs in one news app instead of scavenging the Internet or flipping TV channels.
* See content from a variety of categories and stay up to date on live events!
* Have everything in one place! Save your favorite news articles, videos, GIFs and more!

Funny Videos & GIFs
* Want to laugh? Take a dive into our Funny feed laugh with thousands of users!
* Scroll through thousands of gifs you can send to your friends or on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, etc!
* Enjoy your videos without distractions – We’ll darken the background to give you the best experience.
* Rotate and navigate through your videos even easier with TopBuzz’s enhanced video player!

Personalized News App, Just for You
* Whether you're a TV addict, video binger or lover of GIFs, TopBuzz has just what you want!
* Our algorithm analyzes what you like, and automatically recommends trending videos, breaking news, and GIFs tailored to your liking!
* Local news, current events and headline news, just for you! Get breaking news today.
* TopBuzz the only content hub that delivers a personalized news feed for free!

Sourced from the best viral content online!
* All content curated and sourced directly from the leading publishers in news, entertainment, food, home, business and more! We don’t mess around when it comes to providing high-quality content from CNN, Mashable, Reuters, YouTube, USA Today, Bloomberg, Refinery29, etc. And Yes, they're all free!
* We partner with the best content providers (we won’t say who, but you know who we’re talking about).
* State-of-the-art artificial intelligence tool delivers only the best from our partners straight to you.
* What’s trending around the world? We’ve updated our trends to capture what’s local, what’s big and what’s happening around the world!

Life's too short, so spend your time doing things that matter to you. Let TopBuzz find you the best viral videos, breaking news, GIFs and more! Now go out and use your free time to explore the world!

Download TopBuzz now and see what’s trending!

Your feedback matters and we want to create the best experience for you. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please email us at

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Get to see/hear about the strangest things. Things that you wouldn't believe if not caught on video/picture
D.J. 1
They rip you off. They ban your video delete them but they still play them and you don't get paid . Almost impossible to get paid. Scam.
Gene 5
A great app for internment lot's of fun all ways something great to watch. A great app for family and friends.
This app always has something interesting on it. A great way to pass the time.
Real happy with this site I log in everyday and get news in detail IM HOOKED
Awesome! Great app!!! From beat the Q, to the news, I love it!
Very good app hella funny always
Regina 5
Totally entertaining and informative!
Slime 4
It has some of the most interesting stories and news I have ever heard. Totally recommend
Harun 3
Ap is good and doesn't need actual news.
Timothy 5
This app is very entertaining and fun

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