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When first downloading the app, TopBozz, I was unsure on how it would hold up to my expectations. With such great reviews and bright and wonderful pictures, my hopes were high. To say the least, I was not let down at all. Coming into TopBuzz for the first time was magical. Hundreds of news stories, funny pictures, videos, and so much more. It was buzzing with all sorts of interesting articles and sections that you can choose based on your interests. The best part is that you will see unique stories on there that would not likely see on other news apps. Top Buzz works seamlessly as a news source as well as a great app for entertainment and interesting content.

The application itself is also very smooth and easy to handle. The user interface is outstanding. For an app with so many complexities and thousands of stories, it seems to hold together well and look good while doing it. When running on my Galaxy S7, the app worked great with little to no lag. Watching videos from YouTube, and probably other streaming sites, seems to be integrated into the app making it quick and simple to hit the play button and start watching your video without leaving the page. One of my favorite things about TopBuzz is its unique system that seems to watch and take note of what to search. The more you use the app, the more it knows and recommends what you like to read and see. It is quite useful when wanting to get on just to see the things that you like to see.

Although TopBuzz seems to be a wonderful app, there are some flaws and things that could be improved. One of the most noticeable is that you cannot use it in landscape mode (turning your phone to the side). This might be a huge downside for iPad or tablet users because of its orientation. Another fix that could make people a lot happier is a channel selection when first installing. Let new users choose what things they want to follow or maybe suggest some right of the bat instead of just throwing users in. Some people might not care to know about sports, politics, or technology. While others might be offended by the first thing they see and that’s not what you want. Letting people set up their channels right away could greatly increase consumer positivity.

Overall, TopBuzz is a fantastic news and entertainment application for your mobile device. It’s fun, informative, and easy to use. So many articles you find are out of the ordinary and unique that it most definitely draws your attention. Its more than just a news app, it’s an information gathering platform with tons of entertainment and eye pleasing content. The more you use TopBuzz, the more it understands you. I’ve now found my new favorite content app.

- Josh

Description & Details

Latest world & local breaking news, trending videos, funny GIFs & TV.

TopBuzz is a news and entertainment app that people can’t put down, it’s packed with trending news, funny videos, and the topics you really want to know about.

Get The Content You Want
Our powerful artificial intelligence brings you breaking national, and world news from the biggest news outlets, while combining funny videos and top stories in one must-have app. Swiping away boredom has never been easier.

Special Coverage on Trending News and Topics
Become an expert quick. Get in-depth coverage of the stories that everyone’s talking about in our special coverage sections. We aggregate the leading headlines and conveniently post them in an easy-to-scroll feed.

Lots of Laughs
TopBuzz is made for fun too! Follow your interests from topics like, cooking to fashion, automobiles, sports, gaming, travel and everything in between. Get a mix of trending news, funny videos and gripping stories delivered right to your customized feed for easy swiping. And the best part is, the more you use TopBuzz, the better your feed gets. Don’t take our word for it, take our AI for a test-drive.


-Free content from over 10K news and entertainment outlets: like CNN, The New York Times, Reuters,USA Today, Bloomberg, Time, TechCrunch, BuzzFeed, Vox, and more

-A redesigned interface that makes finding top stories and breaking news a total breeze
-Get a custom AI-built feed that’s full of the trending news, funny videos, and that’s influenced by your tastes and behavior

-Browse or follow topics and categories you’re interested from top publishers and creators

-Special coverage on trending events like the midterm elections, holidays, and much more.

-Save or share your favorite news articles, videos, and must-see finds on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

-Know what’s trending or going viral throughout the world

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