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Description & Details

You can enjoy rhythm games with YouTube!

It is really easy to use.
Search for YouTube videos you want to play using the search button.
You can enjoy a rhythm game with that video.

Features of BeatCraft
A music game with which you can now enjoy your favorite movies and music as you please!
BeatCraft the representative of music games that has been played by more than 10 million with which you can now play music game together with the videos of YouTube!!!
Let's play rhythm games with videos of YouTube and music stored in your mobile phone by simple operation!

■ Let's play all the videos in YouTube!!!
   Videos on YouTube will become the game!!!
   Infinite movies that you can play and infinite fun!

■ Let's play songs that are in your smart phone!
    You can play songs which are stored in your smart phone.
    Notes are all the same. It's not funny now.
    Let's enjoy the same song differently with automatic generation of notes!

■ Let's save favorite notes after playing!
    You can save the notes which you like among those automatically generated.

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4.0 and up
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Rated for 3+
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500000 - 1000000
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Latest Ratings

Dirty 4
It could use some more work on difficulty. Pressing the buttons when the notes are half way down the board and it still counting as a hit is a problem. I have gotten S on every song i have played because its too easy to hit the notes. Just make the hit box tighter on the notes and it will be much more challenging and enjoyable. But i love the concept and where its going. Being able to play any song in my library is awesome.
Its 4
Its a fun game. I love that you can choose whatever song you want and whatever speed you want! Although sometimes the beats may not match the time you tap the tile, its a good game. But the reason i didnt give it 5 stars is becasue I would love to play it offline, but it doesnt work. Please work on it
Bippity 2
The cool concept of playing whatever song from YouTube you want wears off quick when you realize that the search option limits the videos that show up. When you do use search mode for a song it feels less like a rhythm game more like pushing random button sequences. There's no rhythm syncing to most YouTube search songs so I feel like I'm just pressing random notes.
Hayley 4
I would have made it 5 starts only if the game was more difficult. I always get S on every game even with the highest difficulty, highest long note and highest slide note on. It's a bit too easy but if you're a beginner it's actually quite fun. I love how I get to go through my music and play it. It's a good game overall. But it just needs more difficulty.
LordSM 5
This game is amazing, it's got built in mp3 player with a feel of those guitar hero/rock band games. You can also go on the YouTube side for music as well. I do have an issue with the whole "disk" thing. But nonetheless, it's a great game!
Callista 3
The game is good ^^ but when i chose a song, and it started loading, after the loading ends, suddenly its a black screen then theres "miss" on it. So i cant get a full combo. I cant even get an A for the result. At the result part, which is the end of the song, i saw my misses. It was more than 5. All of the songs that i played happened to be like the same. It all got 5 more misses because of the beggining of the song. When the song havent started yet, its already playing the beat while its only a black screen with the buttons and "MISS" writings. But its an excellent game when it doesnt have that problem.
Yani 3
It's awesome. I can search my favorites and use it for the game but it keeps glitching and saying I missed when I was pressing down on the control at the right time. Also when the long press thing. It keeps glitching and saying miss. :(( I love it but the glitch is making me hate it.
CruxLuthica06 5
I saw BTS in the preview pics and I almost broke my finger pressing the 'install' button.. And it didn't let me down!! I love it very very much!! You can choose videos from YouTube and also music from your playlist!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I WILL GIVE 10 STARS IF I CAN!! >///<
Shelby 5
I'm sooo addicted to this game! It's the first musical game I've found where I can actually play along to kpop music and NOT have to pay a ton of money to do so 😊 I'm a huge BTS fan and I'm so glad I found this game.
I like the app yes,But there is a small issue. It says connection is delayed when my internet is perfectly fine. I re-downloaded the app,same thing. It worked perfectly for at least an hour then all of a sudden it said internet connection delayed. Fix it please if you can
Dakota 5
Sometimes it glitches and says there is some delay in the network conection, and it's a little ad heavy, but I see a remove ads option. So 'sall good! 👍

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