Room Escape Game: Sparkler

Room Escape Game: Sparkler








2 / day

By STUDIO WAKABA Category Adventure

Description & Details

Let's escape from the room by solving the mystery.

One summer day, you were trapped in the room.
If you can find the item in the room and unravel the mystery, you can escape from this room.

[How to play]

1.Tap and search the place you care about.
2.Select items by tapping and tap the place you want to use.
3.You can enlarge the item you care about by tapping it twice.
4.If you use another item for the enlarged item, there are some items to combine.
5.Let’s use the hints when it gets stuck. (With video ads)

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Pete 5
Sparkler is weird but engrossing. Strange things happen. The puzzles are clever - quite tricky - and require a bit of lateral thinking to solve. Like the curate's egg, though, some parts are better than others. A couple of things only make sense the second time around, but there's a sneaky 2-stage puzzle which is almost as elegant as something from the peerless Kotorinosu team, and that's as good as puzzling gets. I play games offline to avoid adverts, so I don't know how helpful the Hints are; I was fortunate in not needing them. This is a very good app. There's lots to do, nice clear visuals, four cute crabs, a sky full of fireworks, and some insanely irresponsible back-garden throwing-star action which must really annoy the neighbour's cat if it likes to snooze on the fence...
Crystal 5
Great game. Love the twist at the end. Difficulty level: 3 intermediate
Johnnie 5
Can't play due to picture being cut off on sides. Uninstalled. UPDATE: Devs responded quickly and fixed the issue! Game was fun!
Played with phone & it worked. One of the cleverest games. Nice music, loved fireworks, great graphics, didnt want it to end. Make more like this one! Good job! Problem needs fixing. Beginning of game, lock on door, no way to move from there, no arrows. Using a 8" tablet. Problem needs fixing then I can give proper review.
Tammy 4
Actually a pretty good game. Challenging with quite a few tricky puzzles. Got stuck and had to use hints which I hate. Definitely not for beginners to escape games. The fireworks was really nice, was sad when game finally ended and I couldn't see it anymore.
Neko 1
Start game ,click door that has a lock. No way to exit, no left or right arrows,nothing, can't play game,maybe it's not designed for large tablets, but had no choice but to force close the app and uninstall
Gautam 1
Most worst escape game I've ever played.
Veronica 5
I loved it! It was a challenge but it all made sense! Also the music gave such a sense nostalgia! Where can I get it?
Shila 1
The puzzles didn't make sense in some parts.
Pam 5
Great game. Made perfect sense. Thanks!!!!
Katherine 5
Great puzzles and I LOVED the fireworks!! So pretty!

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