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Description & Details

Design your very own home! Build and decorate the house of your dreams!

Enjoy life simulator games and want to decorate a house? Build and decorate your dream house in Home Street!

Supersolid brings you a brand-new House Decorating and Life Sim Game where you can build your dream home, be who you want to be, and bring it all to life in a town built on friendship! Design your dream life in the perfect town with the perfect house! Live in a town alongside neighbors and create your story with Home Street!

✓ Design a home and extend or remodel your house to create the perfect pad
✓ Decorate and fit your home with hundreds of designer styles, gadgets, and goodies
✓ Build a house with a home layout that will reflect your personal style best
✓ Design a room with great amenities like a relaxing hot tub, big-screen TV, and much more! The choice is yours!

✓ Create a sim character and customize it to look just like you!
✓ Design your character with different face shapes, eye color, hairstyles, makeup, body shapes, and more
✓ Designer clothes will help you perfect your style and create multiple outfits

✓ In your dream city, there’s always someone ready to lend a hand!
✓ Choose the community you like most and meet your new neighbors from all around the world
✓ Build meaningful friendships by hanging out or helping neighbors to earn relationship rewards 

✓ Build a town with tons of Neighborhoods to join so you can chat with friends in real-time (Level 10)
✓ Neighborhood Competitions – Win awesome prizes by collaborating with neighbors
✓ Neighborhood Events are constantly introduced with new and exciting themed decorations and outfits!

✓ Choose your own story and be the star!
✓ Create your story and dive into life in Home Street where there’s always something going on 
✓ In the story, you’ll meet interesting characters and follow their adventures
✓ Fun stories – Guest star on a TV game show, support your local community, or start your very own business in regularly updated quests!

✓ Design your life and unlock your inner artist, musician, baker, fashion designer and more!
✓ Choose your talent, turn it into an income and earn rewards to upgrade your abilities
✓ Learn new skills, unleash your creativity, and live your dreams! 

Create your story and start your new life in a friendly town and neighborhood in Home Street! Build your dream house in this fun, entertaining simulation game! See what direction your story goes in when you play Home street!

Download Home Street for FREE and design a home today!

NOTE: Home Street is free to download. However, purchases can be made in the game for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device settings. A network connection is required to play.

If you’re having problems with Home Street, we’re very sorry. Our friendly team is ready to help! You can reach them at support@supersolid.com
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Latest Ratings

Teri 5
Fun to play. Just the right amount of difficulty to make it interesting. Ptlrices (using game money) are fair. Even items you can purchase with real cash aren't horribly expensive. And, if your patient, you really don't have to spend $ to play and enjoy the game. ☺
DJ 5
Love the game and concept but too bad there's no option to chat with other players outside your neighborhood to recruit members into your neighborhood. What's the use of having an inbox when you can't use them? They need to fix this so that it makes the game a little more appealing especially when someone outside your neighborhood helps with your ship and would like to thank them for their help and so on. I emailed and got no reply. The developers seem not to care about us and our opinions.
nona 4
I m addicted to this game. It's fun and keeps your attention. It's always so edging you can be doing. Only thing frustrating is you only get like 1 gem for completing tasks and the job stations get extremely expensive. It damn near doubles when you level up.
Penpak 1
Has been forced close more often on my android device since lastest updated. My keyboard is frozen when trying to type on chat and I made many mistakes also boring stickers.
Angel 4
Its a very good game. I think you guys should add a gaming system and a coulple more things to the to the function items list, a car and driveway selection and some poster to the piture itel list but thats jist in my opinion othwr that that thw game is a 5 star deal..👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Rodrigo 4
Please add a new feature to have family and girlfriend, boyfriend, best friends and that stuff to make the game more realistic. Personally I need this feature coz' me and my girlfriend we are in the same neighborhood but we feel like we need to get a feature to get married or something in the game.
Its 5
Very good game to play if you are bored a great story along with it it is like the sims but u camt have babys or find love. Im also hoping to see that come in the future but rather than that this game itself is pretty good i love it and you should play it too.
Christina 5
Okay I really love this game, but I have one major issue and one minor issue. The major issue is with ticket distribution. It seems like we have 90,000 different things to buy with tickets and only a handful of ways to actually obtain them. And to make that worse, when we do things to get tickets, all we get is ONE. Just one measly ticket for all that effort despite the fact that what we spend it on requires 10 or more tickets of varying rarity. It's ridiculous and its frustrating because I feel like I'm hardly making progress at all. Can you please improve this devs? I understand you can't make everything easy, but at the moment getting tickets seem unreasonably hard. My minor issue is just a bug I notice everytime I visit another player's house. The server crashes and nothing I did at their house is "remembered". Please fix and thanks again for this game--- I really do love it!
Dakelus 4
Do simplify the game guides because I think it's overwhelming us with so many steps per guide. Introduce more events to keep us busy and more timed jobs to get rare items. I love it.
Phoebe 3
Cool game, don't get me wrong but most of the cool stuff /updated stuff is either real money or all of your cash on the game. I downloaded this game because I wanted something alternative to sims mobile, for the time being, as it hasn't came out yet.But this game had me addicted at the first few levels, then just bored me afterword and onward.You can't do anything apart from jobs and it stays that way until level 16. Bit of a disappointment but over All its ok
selina 3
Its really nice and good so it seems but I wish i t had kids feel like it would make it better besides people like seeing games like that give us more options than just the Sims you would have a lot more players


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