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Use Tablet Messenger to easily use your WhatsApp on your tablet

Tablet Messenger is the app that makes it easy to get WhatsApp from your smartphone to your tablet. Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone camera and chat comfortably on your tablet. Use your account on both devices at the same time. Connecting once is enough.


- Your contacts and messages at the same time on mobile and tablet
- Chat comfortably on the tablet - on a larger display, with larger font
- Send and receive documents, pictures, videos and voice messages
- Receive notifications in the background as well
- Chat with Bluetooth keyboard
- Decide for yourself: Enter = send or line break

That's how it works:

1. Install Tablet Messenger on your tablet
2. Start WhatsApp on your phone
3. In the "Chats" tab, open the menu on the top right and select the third menu item
4. Select the "+" in the upper right corner - the camera will open
5. Launch Tablet Messenger on your tablet and wait for the QR code to appear
6. Scan the QR code with the camera open on your phone
7th and ... finished :-)

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4.1 and up
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50000 - 100000
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Latest Ratings

Angus 4
Seems to be the only way to get WhatsApp on my tablet. Does a pretty good job of it too.
Cannot download and save photos/video to tablet
This was working very well up to yesterday and better that previous incarnation. Unfortunately, like other reviewers, the keyboard has stopped working which means there is little point in using the app. I do use it frequently so have had to revert to the phone's small screen. Have also tried deleting app and reinstalling but no improvement. Hopefully a fix will be quickly found. Very pleased that a fix has been found within a couple of days and everything now working as normal. Many thanks!!
Peter 4
Great way of getting to whatsapp on a tablet. One thing though, it had been working just fine but for some strange reason today it has stopped bringing up the tablet keyboard when needed so have to go to whatsapp on my phone to post and reply to posts. Tried reinstalling but it did not fix the problem. Maybe a new bug as a result of an upgrade? Keyboard working fine for all other apps.
R 3
Phone, computer and tablet does NOT sync all the time. It may take over night for messages to sync on all devices. I am using the new message app to my tablet. The old What's app for tables worked much better. Get rid of this junky app and restart the old What apps for Tablet app and platform......
Chris 2
Trying to insert .GIFs into a conversation seems to break the app. When using the 'Share' option Tablet messenger never shows as an option. Fingers crossed this improves as Whats Tablet is probably my most used app and it'll be going soon.πŸ˜•
Peter 5
Latest edit: the keyboard issue appears to have been fixed so 5 stars reinstated. Thanks. Excellent. Works faultlessly! Edit: since my glowing review of yesterday, I can no longer send messages as the keyboard no longer appears. Uninstalled and reinstalled but no fix. Shame. Edit #2: It would be nice if the developers would stand up and find a solution to the keyboard problem. A good piece of software being ruined by a minor issue.
Chloe 3
Works most of the time, but it keeps telling me signal has been lost. But no signal has been lost, when I go on the app the messages all come through.
Tommy 3
The app is ok, could be better. The notification which sits constantly on-screen on both your mobile & tablet device telling you that the tablet messenger is running (and also 'waiting for messages') is really frustrating as you can't get rid of it unless you turn off all notifications. This is putting me off using it. If I could dismiss these messages I would use it every day
David 5
So far this is the best WhatsApp web app I have used. I have not experienced any display or performance issues. It is working in the way I expect, does not bombard you with ads and I like it. One slight criticism though... I normally exit apps by pressing the back button on my device but it is disabled. You can only exit through the app's menu. Not a major issue, just not conventional. Very good otherwise.
Martin 3
Keyboard access disappears spontaneously just like the last version. Allows copy and paste but no amount of tapping will bring up keyboard - makes its redundant really.

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