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Want your talent featured in front of 50,000 eyeballs? Now's your chance!

Get featured in front of over 50,000 eyeballs. It's never been easier!

We may be a bit crazy. And we may even come to regret it. But if your video reaches our top 5, no matter what it is, we will feature you across all of our social media channels!

Whether it's walking like a crab, eyebrow dancing, or singing Justin Bieber's latest song, who are we to judge? That's the Mob's job! And if they vote you through, you get through. Period. End of story. And featured in front of over 50,000 eyeballs and dancing eyebrows.

Get instant feedback on your singing, dancing, comedy, gymnastics, lip syncing videos, etc., on the social media platform with BY FAR the most user engagement. Videos on our platform average 50% more engagement (likes, dislikes, comments) per video than the next highest engaged social media app you may have heard of. (Rhymes with shminstagram.)

We believe talent competitions should not be popularity contests, but talent contests. That's why we're the only platform to hide what other users think before each vote. Every single vote is 100% independent and the viewer's own opinion, and not because 1,000 other viewers already liked it.

So stop waiting for your annual school talent show or karaoke night. Get discovered and earn megastar status in a fun new way with TalentMob, a first of its kind weekly mobile talent competition!




Discover your talent level in any category quickly, easily, and in a fun new way!
Decide which video to post on your Instagram page or across your social media channels by posting on TalentMob first and instantly see which of your videos perform best!
Compete in new competitions each week in any of our 8 categories: singing, dancing, comedy, acting, kids, random, music, and animals, or create your own contests and challenges for unlimited competitions!
Compare yourself against your friends and the world, reach the top 5 and get featured in front of our thousands of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers!
Follow and stalk your competition!
Earn Star Power to boost your videos to the top of the feed, buy merch*, or cash out for real money*!
Share your videos across social media and get your friends', followers' and fans' support!


😍 Think you got an eye for talent? Are you always picking the winner of TV talent shows? Test those skills and see how you stack up against the Mob in our first of its kind gamified voting platform!
😍 Vote with the Mob to earn Star Power and climb the leaderboards!
😍 Unlock more videos the more you vote!
😍 Filter, search, and vote on all of your favorite categories!
😍 Discover the hottest trending talents, hashtags, and challenges at the push of a button!
😍 Follow your favorite talent and get notified when they post!
😍 Gift your favorite Talent with Star Power*, boosts, and virtual gifts*!

Features to come:

🙀 Link to your social media accounts from your profile!
🙀 CASH out your ⭐Power for real money!
🙀 Daily/monthly/yearly competitions
🙀 Weekly challenges, badges, and much more!

This is only the beginning. We have a lot of exciting things planned for the future, we promise. :)

*coming soon


- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talentmobapp/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TalentMob
- Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/talentmobapp

...but mostly Instagram. 🤘🏻😊

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