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By Team Flow Category Arcade

Run or Die (by Team Flow) - runner game for android - gameplay.

Description & Details

Run or Die is a fun fast paced running game with retro charm and grand abilities

Run or Die is a fast paced Endless Runner game that focuses on movement based abilities (and a huge Ion Cannon)! Players must make decisions in the blink of an eye and react quickly in order to run and jump through a hazardous city environment where every run is different! Can you make it and keep running to reach the Lab to save Flow?

Warning: Run or Die is not a casual running game!!!!

• Tight, customizable controls
• The R.O.D Suit which gives you access to 5 different Abilities
• 3 Playable Characters (including a cute Catdog)
• Over 170 handcrafted maps
• Day & Night Cycle
• Endless Mode
• Daily Runs in which players from all over the world compete running through the exact same city layout and have one shot a day to grab the highest score
•Training Mode, hone your skills to prepare for the run
• Challenge Mode, collect all the Intel and reach the goal
• Online Highscores to compare your score with the rest of the world. Running with Friends!
• Retro Pixel Art crafted with love
• Music by Vidboy & Lifeformed
• A quick restart button (trust us, you will love that one)
• No Internet connection required to play!
• Optimized for Tablets with customizable button size!

P.S.: Run or Die is only available in English, but there are no refined English skills required to understand and enjoy the game.

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Latest Ratings

Rafael 5
Run or die has to be one of the best games I've ever played in a mobile device. No matter where you are you can play this game and never be bored. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is quite unique with it's skills system and the soundtrack is awesome 10/10
Steven 5
So, I had this for PC and thought it was great, challenging but fun. Definitely my favorite endless runner, I decided I wanted it in my phone too. The music isn't bad either, I've got the soundtrack... though I did get it in a bundle.
Simon 5
Neat take on the runner genre. Almost works great on shield android TV. Please give full tv and controller support - controller support is a little flaky right now.
RabbitTris26- 5
Could be more difficult you could make the skill buttons smaller and add all six skills to be used during one run and make it necessary to do so as well as put robots to attack you on the ground or flying in the air also could have bosses.
Michael 5
Same great game ported from PC/Steam. Controller support makes this a great game on Android. Played using a Moga Pro Bluetooth controller using HID settings. Great replay value for the price.
Aayush 5
Great endless runner for android. Though it is quite challenging at times.
Tyler 5
Game is incredible. Love these types of games
Jon 5
The art style is unique and very well done, the characters are also unique. And the gameplay, as many others have said, are easy to learn, but quite difficult to master, making it a very fun and addictive game that wants me to keep progressing further to hear my previous run.
Domen 5
not in the mood ti write a long review... great game, not many like it! well worth the money.
Nico 4
Great graphics, and enjoyable game play
Malte 5
Quick to learn, hard to master. Quite a lot of fun!


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