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Testosterone is the hormone that regulates the sex organs, metabolism, bone loss, and other bodily functions. Though affecting primarily men, both sexes can experience low testosterone. Studies have shown that lifestyle choices play the major role in its natural levels. Exercise, sleep, stress, and obesity can all affect hormone levels. Find out how to increase testosterone levels naturally.

A shortage of this hormone could cost you your life. As if losing muscle mass, bone density, and your sex drive wasn't bad enough, new research shows the decline in optimal level can also increase your risk of prostate cancer, heart disease, and even death.
testosterone hormone is usually touted as assisting men in maintaining their virility and vitality, but levels of testosterone naturally begin to dip by about 1% a year after the age 30. Signs and symptoms that your testosterone can be declining rapidly include decreased sex drive, loss of energy, trouble sleeping, and anger or irritation.

Testosterone supplementation and drugs may become somewhat of the controversial cottage industry in many countries. However, there are a lot of tried & true drug-free, plus hormone-free ways for maintaining testosterone level. Hence, why don’t you try these ways to improve your testosterone levels naturally? In this article, I’m going to show you a list of top natural foods for testosterone boost. Check out all of these foods in the line of Sexual Health.

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that affects more than just sex drive. This hormone is also responsible for bone and muscle health, sperm production, and hair growth. You can lose testosterone as you age, as well as from chronic illnesses.

Hypogonadism (also called low testosterone) is often medically treated to prevent future health problems. Along with your doctor’s recommendations, you may consider potential testosterone-boosting foods as a natural complement treatments.

Since this hormone is produced in the testicles, exercise, relaxation, and letting it all hang loose can help improve production… Another route to Increase this hormone production is including the following testosterone boosting foods in our diets.

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