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Daily news in Hindi, Bengali, Arabic and English personalised to your interests.

The Joint curates daily world news in Hindi, Bangla, Arabic, Portuguese and English from the top news sources personalised for you. It makes news reading fun and worthwhile with its focus on picking the best content across global news media and news feeds. It also provides you with the best daily horoscopes, compatibility matches and vedic astrological predictions powered by AstroGuru. It is the top categorized news app with categories like For You, Politics, Sports, Science, Design, Offbeat, Food Recipes, Opinions and Health. With a rich magazine style news format and a unique Flip News reading experience, The Joint is the Daily News Summaries app you have always dreamt of. These features combined along with a range of stories from Design to Premier League, Space exploration to gene modifications, and the latest buzz of trolls, The Joint keeps you updated on the Latest News Updates & Breaking News Alerts on the go makes us the Best Daily World News App. Scour through articles from your favourite news channels like The Guardian, Economist, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Time, New York Times, MailOnline, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Hindu and many more.

Read top news stories from all over the world in a single app. Featuring the best journalism sources for US news, UK news, Africa news, Asia news, Europe and Middle East news, The Joint is a true free speech global news joint. Stay updated with the personalised news feed with our fresh content 24X7 promoting articles from the best journalists. Our mission is to deliver the best news reading experience on genuine topics that matter to you and promoting true journalism. The Joint provides credible news localised for multiple countries including India, Russia, United States, England, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Angola and Egypt. The Joint lets you scroll through headlines, flip through news tiles and read full stories at your leisure. Join our global news community.

Top reasons to get The Joint for news:

· Best Categorised World News with a personalised news feed

· Daily Horoscope and Vedic Astrological readings. Find your Compatibility Matches, Gemstones and Lucky numbers depending upon your Rashi and Moon sign.

· Completely free of ads, browse free of distractions.

· Flip through news summaries with a unique flip reading experience and an awesome interface.

· Personalization: Follow all topics you like from Yoga to Marijuana Legalisation, Sports news to Tesla’s latest inventions, and The Joint will personalize the stories you get on the basis of the ones you like.

· Latest news available in multiple languages including Hindi, Bengali, Arabic, Portuguese and English.

· Multiple categories like Science, Business, Offbeat, World, Travel, Food Recipes, Technology, Design, Opinions and other interesting reads

. Our news feed picks latest updates from United States, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, UK, Pakistan, Canada, Nigeria, Portugal, Russia and many more countries.

· Read stories from The Guardian, Economist, CNN, Al Jazeera, Fox News, New York Times, Economist, MailOnline, Bloomberg, Quartz, Newsweek and many more top publications around the world. All personalised to your interests and organised according to relevance.

Join us at the News Joint and let the fun begin!

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