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Meet the best companion for electric car drivers: The New Motion app! Find all public charge points nearby and on the road. View their availability, charging speed and charging prices. Driving an electric vehicle is an unforgettable experience and we feel that you should enjoy it without any worries. With the The New Motion app you will never run out of electricity. Driving an electric car has never been so easy!

The New Motion is market leader in providing charging services for EV-drivers. Our charge card and app give EV-drivers access to the largest charge network in Europe.

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▸ Shows available charge points nearby (based on current location) or on the road where you can charge your car with the The New Motion charge card or via alternative payment methods
▸ Start and stop charging sessions directly from the app on supported charge points
▸ Up to date information on charging rates on every charge point (set by charge point owner)
▸ Search and navigation function to find charge points near your current location or at your destination
▸ Up to date information on availability of charge points
▸ Filter on charging capacity, type of connectors and availability of charge points


Charging with your app
From now on you can start charging sessions through the app on a large number of charge points in Germany. You can use the "Scan connector ID" or "Enter connector ID" features from the menu of the app to initiate a session with your user account* and your The New Motion charge card*.

When redesigning the app we paid close attention to what EV drivers needed and designed a faster and more usable driving companion for you. The performance and speed of the app have been massively boosted.

We’ll continue towards perfecting the ideal EV driving experience.

Feel free to give us feedback.

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*Don't have an account and a charge card yet? You can register on and request a charge card on

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Latest Ratings

Jonathon 1
Do NOT be fooled by the image behind and in the Video. It shows France covered in charging points. In reality there are only 7 in the WHOLE of France! I signed up on the basis of the depicted coverage of France. Obviously I was not expecting the depiction as a real coverage map but I was expecting it to mean France was covered with charge points, not just seven!
Chapitamastervideos 1
We paid close attention to EV drivers... Shame that you haven't put any charge points that are available in small UK cities!! The app is useless as it is not reliable.
Maarten 3
Not a perfect app, but support is great The app itself tends to take it's time to load certain elements. And when you spot some charging stations, you'd expect them to open when you tab it. Not zoom in on them (which they do, up until the point where they are no longer grouped). TheNewMotion replied to my last review and I gave them some more info on the problems I'm currently experiencing. Not long after I got a reply. Great support!
Anne 4
Since v3.0 it is a very usable app. Doesn't *need* GPS, interface works fine. For the wishlist: * Option to add location information, with possibility of a rating how good that information is. The chargestations can at times be hard to locate based on address alone. Allowing users to add location information like 'next to the white house' or 'at the end of the parkinggarage', would be very helpful. * Option to start/stop chargingtimer allowing to get an insight in the maximum costs. Because the data from the use of chargingstations is not available daily or even weekly, it's hard to get insight in the costs. The app could track what the maximum costs would be, based on the starcosts, and what a charge would have costs if the battery was empty.
Rik 4
Veel beter nu de nieuwe versie er is! Nu heb natuurlijk gelijk nieuwe wensen, zoals mij eigen paal in de app zien (prive gebruik) enzovoort... Hopelijk gaan jullie nog even door met ontwikkelen!
Stephan 3
Beter dan eerst. Aanduiding nog inconsistent Snelheid is nu goed. Groepen worden slecht aangegeven. Ene niveau 1 bolletje 24, inzoomen nog maar 2x2. Ze moeten op een veel hoger niveau al gesplitst worden.
Marnix 3
De nieuwe versie doet het tenminste. Ik kan alle laadpalen vinden. Maar slechts van de helft geeft hij de status aan. Next Charge doet het beter (maar die hebben geen prijs: maar dat is minder belangrijk). Kortom: flinke vooruitgang maar er is nog een stapje te gaan. Jullie kunnen het mannen en vrouwen van the new motion.,...
Dimitri 4
Big improvement Load times much better
Christian 3
Takes forever to start ... because it gets stuck at 99% of updating the chargepoint locations. Would be good if the update could be manually triggered, as I don't need the app every day. Also, charge card ordering didn't give me any confirmation, so no clue if one was ordered or if the request was just lost. Ordered one thru the website instead.
David 2
Useless Takes ages to load, often then providing thousands of charge points all over world. I just need to see what's nearby. On 4G with a Nexus 6p so that shouldn't be the issue.
Bart 1
Does not start Got a decent phone (Samsung Galaxy S4), but app doesn't start but hangs with loading message at 99%


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