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Popular R&B Song play Top RnB Music, R&B Music Video and the best R&B Soul Music

"***** INTRO *****
What are the greatest Hip Hop & RnB songs listened on internet? This is the only app that can answer these questions. We proudly present the most popular RnB songs on Youtube and internet with direct video links to you. You can not only watching the best Hip Hop & RnB videos but also listen to Hip Hop & RnB music. Not only that, you can also karaoke RnB songs with the lyrics that are already available on this app. Best Hip Hop & R&B Music is designed for the true music lover and who just wants to relax listening to the best tracks.

The Best Hip Hop & RnB Music app provides awesome features as:
- Good quality fully adjustable tracks the user
- Simple UI, easy to use
- Optimized for all mobile devices and tablets
- High quality music streams
- UI: modern and friendly, easy navigation so you can find music easily.
- The best songs, the latest daily updated.
- Top New, find current issues in one place .
- Show playlists most popular listen and download with genres: r&b, rnb, rnb radio, hip hop mixtapes, hip hop mixtape,...
- Free mp3 music of your favorite choice
- No registration, no fees

***** GENRES *****
- The Greatest R&B Of All Time
- 90s R&B/Hip Hop
- Soul and R&B Music
- Pure R&B Music
- Essential R&B Music
- Western songs
- Hiphop radio
- Hip hop videos
- Hip hop box

Before you give this app rating, I hope you read this FAQ carefully. Hopefully there will be no less than 5 star because of these issues :
Q: Will you make this app offline?
A: No, we won’t make this app offline because that means we have to put the physical songs file into the app and the app file size will become enormous and will be hard to install.
Q: Songs name on the radio menu?
Q: Download option?
A: There won’t be any download option because that will violate the copyright of the original songs.
Q: Why I can't play the songs?
A: Please check your internet connection. If that doesn't work, just email us which songs that you can't play and we will check it right away. We always try the app first before every update, so it should be working perfectly. You can find our email address at the bottom of this page.

*All credits go to the creator of the songs, no download option*

*If you found any error songs, just email us about the songs name and we will fix them for you :) Our email address is at the bottom of this page*"

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