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Bring full screen chat effect from iOS 10 to your Android phone

****** Bring full screen chat effect from iOS 10 to your Android phone ******

Forget the old way to receive notification from Facebook, WhatsApp....
Notify Stickers will help you filter notification content then show up the notification in a new, very emotional way.

Animated stickers will be showed up on your phone screen right after receiving new notification.
So without reading the notification, you still know it's a good news (happy sticker) or bad news (sad sticker), from your lover (love sticker) or your hater (angry sticker)...

This's a great way to receive sentiment from family and friends.

★ EMOTICONS Now we have:
• Cute stickers like facebook
• Falling rose petals effect

Later, we will have more categories of effect and animated stickers, emojis.

• Step 1: Mapping the sticker/effect with some notification tags and apps.
• Step 2: Start the service and grant all nessesary permission.
• Step 3: Wait for new notification and see the notification effects :).

• We already added some mapping between sticker/effect and notification tags as example
• Click the play button on setting screen, input some notification tag to preview the notifi effect.
• If you don't like the scroll effect on setting screen, turn it off (menu -> setting -> Disable list animation).

DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND HAVE A TRY! Lighten up your chats with Notify Stickers !
Hope you like it as others do! Thanks a lot!

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Yury 3
Great concept. Sometimes there is an animation that hangs on the screen after waking up device. Would no lag in the UI, an easier way to add multiple tags, and ability to only run in certain apps (or block from certain ones) as well as choose which apps to apply it to across all animations (not just one by one). Will be waiting for more animations, keep it up!
Paul 3
I only downloaded this because Rounded Corner from the same developer apparently won't unlock the custom settings until I did download this. Stickers is not my sort of thing, so I really hate being forced to download it. Rounded Corner, on the other hand, is nice, but needs different settings for different apps to make it excellent, and that's why I'm here. I certainly hope the unlock works on Rounded Corner, or I'll be very critical.
Ryan 3
Not seen it in action yet. Tried preview notification but only get standard notification in panel, no pop up sticker. Interface so far works but could be improved. *EDIT* Upon further testing pop up animation only appears after locking and unlocking the screen when testing preview notification.
Richard 3
Remember to enable the program from within settings - you need to give it notification access. Not certain how to set my own tags, though.
SaboorDaCool 4
4 star because I see the emojis when I'm out of the messages app but not when I'm in the messages app, it says in the description that it's like iOS and iOS only does it when you're in the messages app... I will give you 5 stars if you add this
Miles 4
It works okay. Not sure why all e mails get a thumbs up though. And what features get unlocked for paying $5?
Isaac 5
Works well enough. Also use rounded corners.
Grant 5
So far so good! Simple, customizable, and adds a nice little flair to certain messages!
Michael 5
This app is super awesome, came for the Rounded Corners promo but stayed for the awesome app
Sky 5
Settings UI laggy and buggy, but it works.
DJ 2
Nothing shows up when I receive a notification or clicking the play button


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