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Description & Details

TiCKPAY✔ is a FREE EFTPOS App and It Provides INSTANT INVOICE on your mobile.

TiCKPAY✔ is a FREE EFTPOS service (no hardware required).It Provides FREE INSTANT INVOICE and Digital Wallet Money Transfer.

TiCKPAY✔ is a leading digital payments app which transforms your mobile in to a Free EFTPOS for small business. It is especially designed for micro, small and medium businesses.

TiCKPAY✔ is a world first EFTPOS with integrated free invoice and e-wallet app that revolutionizes how you get paid. The payment system provides you with efficient mobile payments and Cashless solutions. Designed for busy tradies, small businesses and market stallholders for convenient, secure and anytime-anywhere speedy cashless transactions.

What you will get:

• No monthly subscriptions fee
• No contracts
• Free invoicing
• Get paid instantly
• Increase your cash flow
• Manage your e-Wallet and pay bills
• Transfer money to your bank
• Tap ‘n Pay on your mobile
• Reporting made easy

How it works:

• Download from the app store
• Add in your profile and account information
• You are ready to send and receive money from your Free EFTPOS machine, send invoice to your customers and get paid instantly.


TiCKPAY✔ covers a vast band of Industry Verticals:

• Tradies
• Self-employed professionals
• In-home demo sales people
• Market stallholders
• eCommerce
• Taxi Business
• Home and Garden Cleaning
• Utility Service Providers
• Small shops and cafés
• Health, fitness, hairand beauty service
• Travel and Tourism
• Personal Services

The Most Interesting Features to Try Out in TiCKPAY✔:

• QR Code Scanning

Your unique QR code can be scanned to make secure transactions to send or receive cash or to pay bills.

• NFC Card Scanning

Your customers simply scan their credit or debit card over the phone NFC area to initiate payment. It’s encrypted on the spot with transactions completed in Milli-seconds.

• Get Paid Straight Away

Money appears in your e-Wallet immediately for you to use.

• Send money to others

Send money to others even if they don’t have the TiCKPAY app.

• Create invoices and get paid

Fast and simple to invoice other individuals or businesses for payment directly from their e-Wallet. You can do this even if they don’t have the TiCKPAY app.

• Transaction History

All transaction history shown in-app.

• Easy Reporting

Download your transaction for your accounting purposes

• Invite Friends

Invite your tradie & other self-employed friends to also have a free EFTPOS Service; they’ll thank you for it and you can then trade directly with them in-app.

Up-coming Features:

TiCKPAY aims to become the best well known EFTPOS and Invoicing App for small businesses and busy traders.

• Upcoming TiCKPAY✔ features in-scope are:

The ability for you to pay from multiple e-Wallets, not just our own. For example, the ability to use ApplePay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay from within our app.

• Travel and ticket bookings

Use our cashless solutionto allow you to bookand pay for flights, trains, trams, buses or any transportation tickets.

• Entertainment Booking

Book and pay for your favorite movie, restaurant, or concert tickets right from the TiCKPAY app.

• Utility Payment

Provide TiCKPAY Users the ability to pay utility bills and making recharge their plans.

Connect with us on Social media Platforms:

✔ https://www.facebook.com/TiCKPAY-162653221179937/
✔ https://www.linkedin.com/company/tickpayworldwide/
✔ https://www.instagram.com/tickpay_worldwide/

Stay updated on what's new with TiCKPAY.com.au by checking out our blog.

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