Disloyalty : Unfair love

Disloyalty : Unfair love








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A new visual novel by Tictales : Disloyalty

A new visual novel from Tictales : Disloyalty!

Disloyalty, your new free Otome game is now available. Experience your love story at the time of the Italian Renaissance. How about a rendez-vous with true love?

The Mocettis are a bourgeois family who have gained their wealth by controlling several merchant classes.

But now that Edward, the father, is growing old, he wants the best for his two daughters and wishes to enable them to become even more important in society.

Our heroine is the eldest daughter, beautiful, intelligent and with a certain talent for sculpture. She loves to sculpt bodies and represent the beauty of the present moment however, she is torn between her passion which she does secretly and her duty to her family.

Always with her father when he goes to work, thanks to him, she meets a lot of important men and one of them is going to considerably change her life: Prince Philip Doria of Genoa.

The latter is terribly attractive, with the reputation of a womanizer and yet he sets his sights on her in the aim of becoming her prince charming. To protect herself from falling under his spell, our heroine refuses his advances and tries to keep away from him.
Invited by the prince, she then goes to several sumptuous masked balls organized by Doria.

There, she meets a mysterious unknown masked stranger, as charming as he is intriguing, and other essential people like Queen Iliana or even the future chancellor, Leander.

Later on, the young Mocetti has to settle and work in the castle for the Royal family: against all odds, a natural and passionate romance will begin with one of the boys
Who will you choose? And will you find out who is hiding behind the masked stranger? How will this interactive story end?

It is your choices that will influence the life of the heroine! Take control!

To be discovered:
A Visual novel story set in a different era.
A romance which is determined by your choices.
A game comprising love, action and mystery.
Twists that will take your breath away!
Do not hesitate any longer and get on board this unique journey into the past!

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So i only have one thing bad to say im not a kind of person to rate apps even if i like it bit of i really hated it i would ai it asks "i want to rate 5 stars" or "i want to rate 4 or less" so i have to rate is that what youre saying!?๐Ÿค”
Ivone 1
It keeps saying error before I start the game and won't let me play the game so please fix problem thank you
maria 5
I love it, the graphics and the story it tells
I love e erything n this game๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„
Fatin 1
I can't even comment on the story as you're not even given enough AP to even grasp what the story is about. after depleting AP, it immediately brings you to the page where you buy AP with money with no notice. No 'you have run out of AP', nothing. I initially thought that I'd accidentally clicked the button, so I clicked around the menu just to be bothered by endless ads until I finally realised I'd ran out of AP. I'm usually really patient with these kinds of games but this was ridiculous.
Chloe 5
I'm not very far, but it looks amazing!
Jc 4
So far so good... the loop on background music though is a bit irksome for me. It is a nice tune but when i hear the sudden change of sound...
sanjedha 3
I like this game because it's quite interesting story.i never heard this kinda short before.
Enya 4
Ich mag das Spiel nur schade,dass die Namen der Mรคnner auf Franzรถsisch ist..
Jasmine 5
I have two things to say......Love It!!
It's has some best stuff but where's the stuff where you talk to a guy or the guy talks to you it's no fun what so ever if it had no talking in the game.

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