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Collection of solitaires - klondike, spider, pyramid,tripeaks, alaska and more.

Collection of popular solitaire games and a bubble shooter as a plus. If you like to play solitaire games this one may be for you.

Games in Solitaire Collection Plus:
Wasp Solitaire
TriPeaks (Three Peaks)
Fortune's Favor
BubbleShooter - classic bubble shooter game as a bonus

Klondike Solitaire - this is the most popular solitaire game with relatively easy rules and solvable most of the times. If you are just starting with solitaires always start with it. Most of the times it is just known as solitaire.

Alaska - not that easy patience game. The rules are simple - you build down or up in suit at the tableau or move appropriate cards to the foundations. If you are not a pro at solving patience games start with another one.

Wasp - easier version of Scorpion. In Wasp you can place any card at an empty spot at the tableau. You build down in suit and all face up cards can be moved. Easy solitaire appropriate for novices.

Spider one suit - easy patience game that is almost always solvable. You build down in suit and only ordered cards can be moved. You need to build full sequence from King to Ace to move the cards to the foundations.

Pyramid - another easy solitaire game. The goal is to match cards to make the sum of 13. The King is 13 and it goes alone. The Ace is 1 and the Queen is 12 so they go together and so on. This one is appropriate for newbie solitaire players.

TriPeaks or also known as Three Towers - easy and mostly solvable patience game where you need to tap on cards that are bigger or lesser with one from the last card at the waste. Its easy and fun game.

Fortune - almost always solvable. You need to move the cards to the foundations. On the tableau you build down in suit. Only the top card can be moved.

Bubble Shooter - addicting bubble shooter game if you get bored of so much solitaires. Your goal is to pop all bubbles in each level. You can view the next available bubble. To pop bubbles you need to match three or more bubbles with the same color with your shooting one. This bubbleshooter is very addicting and people like it very much so be careful how you spend your time.

All games are free and without any payments. Just enjoy your play and please leave us feedback. We need it to improve and develop.

Choose the game you want to play and enjoy totally for free. Download and start playing now.

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