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By Tiny Titan Studios Category Adventure #25

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The ultimate endless runner RPG!

Become a Legendary Hero and explore a vast world of fantasy adventure in Dash Quest Heroes! The Kingdom of Solas has fallen prey to the fiendish Zaru and it's up to the Heroes of the world to defeat him. Collect incredible gear and forge new items as you set out on a journey through rolling hills, cryptic caves, shrouded forests and more! Only the mightiest of Heroes will become legend.

• Create and customize your Hero!
• Unlock and Dash as an Adventurer, Warrior, Mage or Rogue!
• Compete with friends via Online Leaderboards!
• Power up your Hero with over 200 skills across 50 levels
• More than 40 unique magical abilities with unique animations!
• Fight epic boss battles!
• Complete Quests for unique rewards!
• Craft, acquire and enhance loot with forging, legendary drops and gear perks!
• Challenging Minigames like Mine Cart Madness, Archery and Fishing!
• Retro inspired levels, music and sound effects!

Capturing the spirit of RPG adventure classics from the 16-bit era, Dash Quest Heroes is the much-awaited follow up to the award-winning game, Dash Quest.

The fate of the world rests in your hands - if you dare to Dash!

Dash Quest Heroes requires an active internet connection to play.

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Latest Ratings

Hidde 4
It's good, some stuff less so. The level scaling feels unnecessary in a game like this. Feels like they want you to watch lots off adds, same with check points. Have to play some more to have a final verdict. The old game felt better, better progression and less adds/payed stuff. But I guess the devs also need some income.
Sal 5
Awesome game but the quests seem bugged. Ive made it up too the final level but i cannot get past the finding villagers quest. Ive run most of the possible routes but still have not found any villagers besides the blacksmith. And he is not checked off on the list. Please help
A 5
I have played the previous Dash Quest, got a blast playing it, now this new Dash Quest Heroes gave me more more blast for me! A bunch of new contents here and there which will keep you busy every time you play this game. To be honest, I rarely playing mobile game for a long time, but Dash Quest Heroes is an exception. The only thing that bugging me in the game is the monster's attack timing, sometimes they still able to hit me even I already killed them or block or dodge their attack. But it's not really a big deal and now I already used to it and doing better dealing with this issue. Overall a really great game.
Travis 5
Am I missing something? I really enjoy the game, I just unlocked the warrior and mage but I have not been able to find or play the archery game. What is the deal, where is it located?
Rodolfo 5
Pls. Make it offline just like the previous Dash Quest to make it fun and I hope for more NPCs and a house system for our own character in the town. Pls. Hear out my Opinion thank you
Torren 4
As a fan of runner games, what are the chances of me not liking it (which I did like it) I just don't like the diolaguge sounds where everyone sounds like blah blah blah blah.
Andre 5
The achievements don't sync correctly to my Google Account. Please fix this.
Spyr0 1
Been trying to play this for months. Still does not work after many updates.
André 3
The game itself is fun but to really play it good you need too many gems or to watch hours of add, could be a 4 or even 5 (as it's fun) stars otherwise
Daniel 5
This is the best mobile game I found in months! Played the previous game too
Ash 1
A downgrade from the original Dash Quest.

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