"Doggy Pass" protects your phone!

"Doggy Pass" protects your phone!








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Password to set and unlock by touching the dog's eyes, nose, mouth, and feet

Put your favorite cute puppy on your cell phone, and lock and unlock your cell phone quickly and conveniently by touching this dog!
Designed as a cute puppy, the "Doggy Pass" simply sets a "Touch password" by touching a specific area such as a dog's eyes, nose, mouth, ear or foot. Unlike conventional passwords such as passwords, patterns, fingerprints, etc., it is also convenient because it is a graphic password. My mobile phone, which is filled with financial information, personal information, and pottery are protected.

Lock screen without discrimination on the cellphone, which sets a "Touch password" by touching the desired place on my own ^^ ;;
Since I set the "Touch password" directly on the image, I lay my favorite dog on the screen of the cell phone, and lock and unlock the cell phone by touching this dog. It is surprising that all of us can use it if only low-priced or old-fashioned mobile phones are recognized by touch.

Lonely puppy turns into a strong password
I like to decorate a mobile phone lock screen with my favorite kidnapper! And it moves even cute! Moreover, I can not open my cell phone to anyone else. It is a new password that is totally different from the conventional lock screen which is only visible and can be opened by sliding anyone. This new style of password, "Doggy Pass", which is introduced for the first time in the world, is a patented technology using graphic certification.

Convenient "Doggy pass" makes cell phone security more convenient
Because you can set "Touch password" to one or two places of dog, it is much faster and convenient than pattern password when you open cell phone quickly. Unlike a pattern with a high security vulnerability, unlike fingerprints when drinking or sleeping, "Doggy pass" are convenient but strong. It can be easily and quickly applied and used by both children and the elderly.

But the security is strong. "Touch password" is a novel way to prevent exposure around the use! This is because it is only in Doggy pass
When using Doggy pass, others have a technique that prevents them from knowing what is really a "Touch password". This technology, which was first disclosed, is also a patented technology.

※ Graphic user authentication technology of "Doggy Pass", Touch password and Random password system are patents protected technology. Therefore, unauthorized copying or modification without written permission is not possible.
      [ Patented ]
    - User authentication and additional service provision system using graphic image
    - User authentication using password containing random key
    - Character password system
    - Image sliding password system
    - User authentication system using junk data

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