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T-Mobile continues to change the wireless industry by giving you more control of your device through My Account with our latest feature called Device Health (Beta). Device Health helps you find out exactly what is wrong with your device and gives you the tools to fix it - all from one place. No longer will you have to search through FAQs, your device's settings menu, call care or even go to a retail store to figure out why your battery is not lasting as long or why your phone is running slow.

Key Features of My Account:
    • New! Device Health (Beta) - improve your battery and device performance, get notified whenever we find an issue
    • Bill Pay - easily setup and pay your bill directly from your phone
    • Data Usage - view how much data you use so you can make sure you and your family are on the right plan
    • Account Management - view account usage and manage multiple lines all on one screen
    • Notifications - the one place to find alerts for your device, account, and any special offers from T-Mobile

What is Device Health Beta?- It's a set of tests that identify problems with your device and gives you the tools to fix them straight from the app, we will:

    • Check Battery Performance-is your battery working properly? Is your battery dying after a few hours? Find out if it's your screen, an app, or something else that's killing your battery.
    • Check Device Performance-is your device starting to run slowly? Do you click on something and it takes forever to do anything? Find out if you have a memory issue, the latest firmware or too many apps running at once.
    • Help You Fix The Problem-Find a problem? Fix it straight from the app without having to go through hard to understand FAQs or any device settings.
    • Notify You : If we find an issue that should be addressed immediately, we will send you a notification on your device to let you know what the problem is and how to fix it.

How Device Health works:
    • Identifying a Problem: Device Health runs a set of 25 diagnostic tests and groups the results into two categories to make it easy for you - Battery Performance and Device Performance. The main screen of the Device Health page displays an overall device performance rating. RED indicates there are significant issues that need to be addressed. YELLOW indicates performance could be improved, but it's performing OK. GREEN indicates the device performance is excellent. The rating is based on the number of settings and issues that can be optimized therefore, if there are multiple issues that need to be addressed, the overall rating will be RED.
    • Fixing The Problem: The same performance rating applies throughout all sections within Device Health such as screen brightness and memory usage. A red wrench icon will display next to the categories that require attention. Select the red wrench icon and follow the suggested steps to resolve the found issue.

Stay tuned for more updates to My Account from T-Mobile that will give you greater control over your T-Mobile account and device.

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Latest Ratings

Chelsey 1
This update is worse than the last After the update I can not access anything on the app.. It says I have no internet connection but I do and can get on the internet... Please fix before next month.. I hate having to call in my phone bill payment
Paul 2
Keeps mobile network active I updated so I could see how much data I was really using. once updated I found the mobile network was staying active and had access to the web even though it is turned off in the settings. I disable network when not using it to get more battery life. I uninstalled to get my batt life back
Seymour 5
Great Does what it's supposed to, don't know what everyone else is complaining about. If you're annoyed with the notification it might send once a day at most, then just clear it, it's really not hard or a hassle and certainly not one star worthy
Brad 1
What happened to a simple account app? Seriously give us a simple app to access our accounts and change plans but keep the crap out who cares about monitoring this or that or the health of my android phone. There are and always will be better apps that do that better then you ever could and prefer. This app is bloated with crap that no one needs nor wants. Keep it simple what happened to that.
Michael 1
Garbage app Never works right. It's useless. Have to just use website, instead. But, it's T-Mobile, so what do you expect? From poor to nonexistent signal to customer service that has no idea what they're doing, it is what I've come to expect from them.
J. 1
Less than slow Since the last update the app doesnt work at all. If I didnt have unlimited everything I would be more upset. Its just kind of inconvenient that I have to find a computer to pay my bill. It would be much easier if I could just pay it on my phone again. Please fix this T-Mobile.
Rosa 1
Hated It :O It was perfectly fine I updated it and now my phone is going crazy I'm having trouble with my Facebook email with my contacts an text messages I'm annoyed with all this New updates that instead of making your cell phone better it makes it worse. uninstall the new update
Matt 1
Still hate it the new update is downright Orwellian. So you just want to monitor all my networked activity in case my device has a problem? How thoughtful! Except this company is the antithesis of helpful, in every regard. Terrible record for solutions that don't require me to buy a new contract or device. Hey Tmo: when I bother to click "details" in the scanty "info we collect" paragraph, HOW ABOUT LISTING THE INFO YOU COLLECT?? The place for vague examples was the app help I just hyperlinked from! WORTHLESS, AND MORE.
Noah 1
Worse now! It was the most useless app in the world before the update, now its not just useless but a complete nightmare! It is a constant memoryy hog that you can't shut off, and a battery drain too.
Nichole 1
SLOW AS HECK I needed to pay my bill and I was able to pay it faster with my online browser then your lame application, I have been dealing with this since the application became available, needs serious improvement, till then you deserve the horrible rating
Mathew 3
Meh It's helpful for account management, but the ui could use an update. I would like to see an update, but if not it works fine right now.

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