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Jump over pitfalls, razor-sharp spikes and crumbling blocks

Sir Hoppenhelm is lost down in the dungeon of his castle Dunkelburg and must jump, block and slash his way back to safety before the rising lava gets him. Collect coins to unlock allies with different abilities or expand your armory with new neat weapons.

Hoppenhelm is:
• Arcade platform action
• One handed controls
• Randomly generated levels with progression
• Challenging gameplay
• Unlockable characters and weapons
• Leaderboards
• Fancy sprites and juicy animations
• Bouncy chiptune soundtrack
• In-app purchase to remove ads
• Made with love :D

Thank you for playing <3

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Android Version
4.0 and up
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Rated for 3+
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100000 - 500000
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Latest Ratings

Waldamy 5
Graphics is actually great for this type of game. Tho the controls lack consistency as mentioned by other guys and there is no gameplay changes after 200 steps or so. It will be much more pleasing to the eye if the terrain changed somehow. Even changing block's colours every 150-200 steps would help a lot in visual experience imo.
Franklin 5
This game is great! Addictive, random and with enjoyable music, very challenging and rewarding with lots of unlockables! I only found one glitch, after 200 jumps the level keeps the same color and architecture, same after 300 to 600 jumps, i remember it changed after each 100, but after the last 2 updates it got stuck from there. Other than that, the gameplay and concept is perfect 😀, keeps me playing once in a while.
Edwin 5
I love the game. Retro graphics, good controls, awesome 8-bit music...very addicting. The only strike I can give it is I've upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S9+ and now my game won't load. Upon start up, I get a screen of text characters with an "ok" box at the bottom. I'm hoping the developers upgrade this glitch soon.
Sambo 5
I love the game, but whats the point in shieldmaiden if pantzerpants exist? They do the same thing, but pantzerpants is cheaper and can regain his 4th hit, so if you have him unlocked shieldmaiden is useless.
Damjan 4
Some items cost too much and end up being bad. You can't queue jumps while in air, which is kind of annoying. I really dislike the music. The gameplay is simple and fun.
Eduard 4
Everything is awesome except 2 things. So the controls are shabby coz sometimes even if you press to jump is either delayed or not jumping at all. And the other thing is. The second character to unloc has 4 hearts, and the shield maiden that costs 5 times more has exactly the same thing but not better. Is worse. The "bull" character costs 1500 and is worthless. All it does is make enemies explode when they die. Just for the fun. The prices for characters are.stupid. the most powerfull character is the cheapest and the worst character costs a lot
kilcan 5
Its one of those toilet games where you would just sit there thinking you played it for 5 min when reality its been 20. Love the game its a simple concept with fitting graphics as well as its groove to how the level progresses. I'll admit the music is a little annoying when you get a run going to 1000 and how the level is still the same as step 200. Also the explaination of some classes of the knights. I still dont get the bull. Still this game is really good give it a try. Quick question devs, is there anything you can do to not take damage when youre on the same platform as the monster? Sometimes i would block and jump by accident and i end up standing on the same platform as it.
James 5
Like many others have said, the jumping feels unresponsive. Maybe add a larger input buffer before actually landing?
Spencer 5
This game is easily hands down one of the best indie games on the Google Play store. It's so easy to understand and play yet so addictive and beautiful.
RunicRabbit 5
Thank you for making this game! Simple and straightforward controls, amazing graphics, and great music! I honestly don't know what more I could ask for!
Fierce 5
It is the perfect arcade game. The only thing I ask of the developers is to put out more content. Thank you.


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