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By TonismoGame Category Racing #8

Description & Details

Free drag racing game!

Game features Engine Building,Street Racing, Car Customization,Drag Racing,Headlight conversions to build your ultimate Rice Burner!
*System Requirements*
quad core pocessor
100mb+ of storage
Android 4.4+

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Android Version
4.1 and up
Content Rating
Rated for 3+
Installs (Google)
5000 - 10000
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Latest Ratings

FuZe 5
This tuning simulator makes me want to buy a real car tbh. Btw, can you like an undo button so we can get back our sold items? Cause I accidentally sold a psi. One last thing, make the incompatible red pop-up like a ghost so we can still pan the camera in that area. Thanks!
Toto 4
Fun game. It's quite obviously not done though. Can't wait for future updates :) Maybe make it so that lights actually light up the road. At some parts of the map you can't see a thing.
Haminku 5
Very educational about how to rebuild an engine, it's amazing! Anyway, with just 3 cars in the game, it's a bit boring... how about adding an AE86 (Trueno, Hatchback), my favorite car in this game? It cerrainly fits this game quite a lot.
Lazy 5
Amazing, I'd play this instead of most of the other drag games. Download it guys, I assure you it's going to be incredibly enjoyable! I can't wait to see future updates with more cars/parts! It would also be great if you could make a game like this but with american cars like the corvette and mustang.
it was a great game! but a little laggy is there anyway to make it a bit less laggy? and i wish we could do race in the next update! keep on going i love it!
Kaleb 5
It's a good game and I can't wait for the updates. You should add different steering options and shifting options. More racing options would be cool to like a drift track and a 1/2 and full mile drag track. Keep it up you have a great game here and I'm really excited for the future updates
Tyler 4
Good game. Like it so far. Please!! Fix the way to move the camera. Trying to take the oil pump off is the biggest pain.
zach 5
It's good it need a new car dealership and it needs more cars and parts but it still good and fun I'm only 11 and I know all the parts for the cars
Takara 5
Great it so realistic but need to add more cars hope you can add my dream car AE86 in the game so it will more fun to play
Aaron 4
The cars are too slow..Even if if you put all the modifications it won't go fast, still.Other than that, I really like where the game is going.I think this could become successful in the future.Good luck on the game.
Stingr 4
I love this game! I hope to see my favorite car, the 1jz Lexus SC300, and hopefully some more like the Nissan 180z(sil80 body parts would be EPIC), nissan silvia(s) and the AE86, thank you, and I hope you will continue to improve this game

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