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Description & Details

Fast & Best phone clean app, Flash Cleaner can speed up your phone by 60%!

Flash Cleaner is a small yet smart application with various powerful functions like cleaning memory and junk files, extending battery life and adopting smart charging mode.

Main Functions:

★ Phone Booster
Can not play mobile games or watch videos smoothly? Flash Cleaner is helpful to boost your phone by cleaning up background running apps and stopping auto-start apps.

★ Junk File Cleaner
Too many junk files? Do not know how to clean them? Flash Cleaner is a must to clean junk files from system cache and other apps. Let’s slim your phone down.

★ Battery Saver
Wanna find which functions have used the most battery? Cannot find a charger when outside? Flash Cleaner can help extend the battery life by cleaning the big-drain apps. One-click saving function is what you are looking for.

★ Healthy charger
Afraid of over-charging? Over charging may cause severe problems to your device. Flash Cleaner adopts 3-stage charging mode to improve your battery. Flash Cleaner continues to monitor background running apps when your phone is charging.

Contact Us: flashreal2017@gmail.com

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Latest Ratings

Aniya 1
Juju bee thanks so much cuz my brother downloaded it and it's froze his phone. I read the comments and read your and decided not to download it. Thank you so much
It's really nice worked like a charm I feel like I have a whole new phone thank you soon much but maybe less adds otherwise it's fine 🙂👌👍❤💛💚💙💜
juju 1
On behalf of David lynch, John Dias, Yuki Tenshi, I also believe you should not download this app. I recently tried downloading it because of the annoying messages the FAKE GOOGLE WEBSITE was saying that "You are hacked with viruses" it tells you to download the app, but it's just clickbait and want you to buy the app so the company can make money. The app does nothing got your phone but make it worse. Please do NOT DOWNLOAD the app.
To many ads and phone kept freezing
علی 5
اگر با متن فارسی باشد میتوانم بصورت مناسب استفاده کنم متشکرم
Sherridiana 5
Worked very quickly and my phone is now back up to working like its brand new
I just don't know what is is all about..I'd like to just get back on my phone.
I ask you a ? AN I DONT GET NO ANSWER..........WHY??????
David 1
THIS APP IS A VIRUS!!!!App makers use false virus warnings to promote product.
John 1
Digital snake oil! CURES Your phone from palsy, dropsy, flatulance, rickets, Denegue fever, Shakes etc. Etc. Etc. Too many ads. I got the click bait message that my phone was infected. Well I'm not sure if it was or not...BUT now that I've installed this app, I'm sure it has loaded bloat ware on my phone. I'm constantly getting pop up ads right across the middle of my screen. Yeah, I get it, you need the advertising to generate income but this is ridiculous! Installing this app and using the preinstalled app that came with the phone. I can't tell if this app did anything to "speed up" my phone or cool it down or any of the other things it claims to do.
Yuki 1
You know, I really, really hate this app. Not because its just another 'virus/phone cleaner' but because my phone will quite literally be fine without it. And the fact is, when I finally agree to download it again, it will f*** with my phone. But everything is fine when I decide to not get rid of it. I mean really, it doesn't nothing other than mess with my phone. So I apologize for the people it works for, but I'm just not one of them.

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