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Play Match 3 and Decorate Your Way Through a Cascade of Royal Adventures!

Congratulations! You just found out that you are an heir of a royal family! You also inherited a royal 🏰 castle located in a secret island, far-away. Little did you know, that right now the castle is in ruins! Join Amelia and her friendly 🧚 fairy Lulu, to beat FUN and entertaining, yet challenging match 3 levels, that will allow you to restore and decorate the Royal Garden, just like it was in its former glory!

Give the Royal Garden castle mansion a complete makeover! Show off your designer skills by planting 🌳 trees, shrubs, 🌻 flowers, and reveal what was hidden beneath the castle garden’s ruins! Thousands of design options will give you freedom to explore your imagination, change designs any time you want, and eventually create your royal garden dream!


⭐⭐⭐ PLAY fun and satisfying match-3 levels to earn as many Coins as you can. Swap and match Critters to crush them quickly and get the Fairy Dust you need to keep building and renovating your royal garden!

🌲⛲🌼 RESTORE the scenery of your royal garden completely, building, and planting various garden decorations throughout the green and lush scenery that will play host to the best vacations of your guests lives!

🔎🏰🔍 DISCOVER the secrets of your royal family and dive deep into the history lives to understand what founded the castle. Unlock the star-studded chapters of a gripping tale. Meet diverse and unique characters, and unravel shocking, emotional truths!

Play Royal Garden Tales for FREE, with optional in-game items for purchase. Download and play our match 3 adventure puzzle game – we hope that you like it! We are working very hard on perfecting it, so if you run into any issues or you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at:

Notes regarding some permissions:
📁 External storage access is used for caching video & save game purpose.

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Latest Ratings

Nice game but not enough moves, get blocked out every few minutes. Tried to charge my card without my authorization. Takes forever to get enough points to decorate. Too bad as it as the potential of being a very good. Not designed to let you play for free but wants $$$ to get very far. Uninstalling even tho I really enjoy playing.
Shelly 5
This game is awesome! Can't stop playing it! It is easy and fun to play. Downloaded it last night and couldn't put it down. And I am back on it again this morning. I love! just absolutely love it. The graphics on it are totally amazing to. Great game u have got here. So when r u coming out with more like this.
Alanna 3
There seems to be some bugs and balance issues. Example: level 4 you collect yellow things but none were dropping. Also when placing plants on pool the box for the choices disappeared and I had to exit the game and go back in then I could chose my plants. I have to tap the "do it" button several times before it registers. All in all though, pretty good game with great graphics. Looking forward to future updates.
Davis 5
Damn, I cant stop playing this game. Its too addictive. You should put a warning sign upfront or at least write on the description. Now I have lost my youth, I demand a time refund!
Jahan 2
Oh it's frustrating. ..In 46 lvl when playing, no match 4 times in 1 time, again playing that lvl again no match 3 time oh!!!..seriously😡..sequence just going wrong way ..really disappointed
Suzanne 4
I decided to download this game based on the user reviews, but there was one thing that players did not mention and it's driving me crazy. English is obviously not the language of these game developers and it shows. It is absolutely abysmal, both in grammar and vocabulary. Some of the statements don't even make any sense and since a storyline is important to me this makes Royal Garden Tales more than annoying. Please have someone edit the language! The graphics are fine and the music is pleasant and I do like the creation of the little booster characters within gameplay. I don't believe I have ever seen this before and it's very cute. I love any game with a fairy in it, but Lulu is pretty annoying and there is some sort of glitch that causes her to constantly repeat herself. Time will tell, but I suspect this game is going to be uninstalled soon. I don't expect companies to automatically create games for English-speaking players. However, if a game has been created in English it should at least be somewhat accurate. If this was fixed I would be much happier with the game.
Chris 5
Level 30 is not working correctly the diamonds are getting stuck above the squares... I've used boosters to clear columns no matter what I do they won't drop!!!!!
Marina 5
Love it..... Cause once you start playing you won't be able to stop. It's toooo too much addictive And a lovely game
Sharry 5
I think the harder levels should be awarded with more than a single bottle of fairy dust. The puzzle boards get difficult very quickly. I still like the game, good way to spend some downtime.
Sue 3
The game is ejoyable. A good way to in extra time. However, the scenery blinking gives me a headache. Sue
Tracey 5
Thank you for making it possible to actually win! It's so fun that I can't stop. It's so nice to play one of these decorating games and not have to stop because you can't win. Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!


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