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VPN is free software and can speed up the game.The world's best software.

VPN Trust -We think we have the best VPN for Android The free VPN app enables you to surf the net from tons of different countries around the globe: United States, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Malaysia and many others.This super VPN app has been critically acclaimed and rated as the best VPN for Android.

hotspot&free vpn:
one tap to connect to help you access multiple overseas website resources.

free registration, stable, easier to use.

best free vpn:
easy access to overseas resources, any foreign game for you to play.

Fast vpn:
Many overseas resources, such as Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Skype and Viber, etc.

No registration, no configuration, no access! Download VPN Trust installed after a key wall.
vpn speed:unlimited traffic, fast access to overseas websites, without waiting.
super vpn:intelligent network acceleration tools, scientific and secure Internet access.VPN Unlimited

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Our application is used for any legal purpose.
Use of the app will be deemed as acknowledgment of the statement.

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What does VPN mean?

VPN English name: Virtual Private Network (virtual private network).
VPN is defined as a temporary, secure connection through a public Internet, a secure, stable tunnel through a chaotic public network that can be used several times to encrypt data for secure Internet access, Extensive use of corporate offices, virtual private networks can also be an extension of the corporate intranet, virtual private vpn for android network can help remote users, branch offices, business partners and suppliers to establish a credible and secure connection with the company's internal network for Affordable and cost-effective connection to secure extranet virtual private networks from business partners and users, many vpn software owners also need to have a VPN connection in their own computer to facilitate remote office and more.

VPN speed over the wall basic functions
free vpn is a remote access technology, simply put is to use public networks to set up a dedicated network. For example, a company employee travel to the field, he would like to visit the corporate network server resources, such visits belong to remote access.

For mobile users (mobile workers) and remote personal users, usually through the dial-up lines (Internet) into the enterprise LAN,but vpn express this will inevitably bring about security risks.

Foreign employees in the local connected to the Internet, through the Internet to connect to the VPN pro, and then through the vpn android server into the intranet. With data encryption,“vpn for pc,vpn for mac,virtual private network, data can be thought of as being securely transmitted over a dedicated data link just as if a dedicated network had been set up,” but VPN actually use public links over the Internet, so vpn hotspot are called Virtual Private Network, which is essentially the use of encryption technology in the public network to encapsulate a data communication tunnel. With VPN tunnel technology, whether users travel in the field or at home office, as long as the Internet can use VPN app to access intranet resources, which is why VPN is so widely used in the enterprise and best vpn for android

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