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Secret story of pregnant mermaid mom needs your help for ER emergency surgery!

Legend has it that deep under the sea exist mermaids, human like fish living a very human life under the sea. People are very interested in discovering them under the sea. Just like every other human thing they do, they also can get pregnant like a human lady. Join this secret story of a pregnant mermaid on a journey to her baby story in the human world.

This secret story game requires you to save a pregnant mermaid mom who needs immediate emergency surgery. This is how the secret story goes:

The poor mermaid was just having some fun underwater having her coming to be mermaid baby see the life on the sea level to make for a baby story. Amidst that fun come cruel human fish merchants who are hunting for fish and they capture the fish along with pregnant mermaid mom in the net as well.

The pregnant mermaid gets trapped in the boat and left on the beach. But she is in so much pain, she screams, “Please help me! I have to go to the hospital” which means it’s time for her baby story to come to life, now conduct the pregnancy surgery. You have to come and rescue her and then become the surgery doctor gynecologist and provide the pained mermaid maternity emergency surgery in her secret story.

** The climax of the secret story is:

When the mermaid comes on the beach shore her tail will automatically change into legs after applying a magic liquid on the tail. Then put pregnant mermaid on a steamer so she feels a bit relieved, wipe the steamer sweat after that and clean the face of the expecting mermaid mom. Make her warm and comfortable and call the emergency surgery hospital ambulance!!

**How To Play

Next is to make all possible checkups before the maternity pregnancy surgery. Take the expecting pregnant mermaid mom temperature to see if she’s sick. Then check her blood pressure and give her blood injection. And the third test is to check sugar level at the maternity emergency surgery clinic.

Next mermaid mom mermaid baby pregnancy surgery step is to provide expecting mermaid with oxygen so give her an oxygen mask for relaxation and living so she can tell her secret story. Next step is checking ultrasound to find the gender of mermaid baby before proceeding to the emergency pregnant mermaid surgery to make for the baby story.

Finally, check and calm mermaid mom heartbeat before providing pregnant mom pregnancy surgery operation anesthesia in surgery games. Gather your surgical instruments before beginning surgery.

Then with the surgical instruments cut the mermaid mom baby bump and operate pregnancy surgery to get mermaid baby boy or girl. When the mermaid baby is out of the baby bump, cut his umbilical cord and provide the mermaid baby injection, cleaning and wrapping baby care.

This is how this pregnant mermaid secret story and baby story takes life!!

***Features of Pregnant mermaid baby mommy surgery***

• Story based mermaid pregnancy surgery baby mommy simulation
• Full procedure rescue and pregnancy surgery simulation
• Pregnant mermaid mom and mermaid baby characters
• Hospital emergency surgery clinic setting
• Hospital surgical instruments like:
 Thermometer
 Blood and sugar testing injections
 Stethoscope
 Ultrasound machine
 Oxygen masks
 Anesthesia injections
• Fun and engaging sound effects.
• Mermaid simulation graphics
• Secret story and baby story situational setting

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