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The Astonishing Game - Android / iOS Gameplay

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Turn-based tactical, digital board game.

The Astonishing Game is a turn-based tactical board-game that will challenge new to veteran gamers.

Dream Theater and Turbo Tape Games have worked close together to create this signature board-game, a reenactment of Dream Theater's epic rock opera The Astonishing. It enables players to unfold and untangle the original story from the perspectives of both The Ravenskill Rebel Militia and The Great Northern Empire of the Americas. The full story is not grasped before completing the game from both sides of the conflict, during which players’ battle for influence and control over the will of the people.

Participate in competitions for great prizes, including signed albums, tickets and post-concert passes, available to players during the Dream Theater tours. The game has a one-time purchase cost with no in-app purchases, making players eligible for any and all free upgrades.

- Unique, signature board-based gameplay as developed by Turbo Tape Games
- Single player campaign
- Player vs. player matches on the same device
- An interactive narrative, unfolding the story of The Astonishing as seen from both factions
- A new level to The Astonishing narrative, bringing the struggle to various locations across The Great Northern Empire
- A non-violent game metaphor, where playing pieces in battle over game sectors, forcing opponents to give up power and influence, rather than fighting to the death
- Utilizing the unique video artwork shown exclusively during live shows on Dream Theater’s The Astonishing world tour
- Featuring instrumental musical sections from The Astonishing, Dream Theater’s groundbreaking, conceptual double album
- The game comes with the option to freely enter exclusive competitions for grand prizes during Dream Theater’s tours

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Jais 1
It's like they've crammed too much into the game - too much dialogue, game is hard to learn and press tiny buttons on, and boring as hell! I'm a lifelong DT fan, but that sure won't assist me in persevering with this piece of crap game. Don't waste your money.
Jim 4
I don't know what to think. I think I'm supposed to like this game because i like Dream Theater and I like The Astonishing, but i just can't get into the game. I guess it's too advanced for me. Some might like it better than i do.
Shlomi 2
Great work but where is the game? Finished 6 easy levels in an hour, and that's it? Seriously?
MXOY99 5
Well I hate to seem like a sucker but really, the concept is great! The developers are helpful! The game is full of the cheesy character artwork (Which I love!). This is just my opinion and I didn't expect the game to be great one at all from the beginning. But it turned out to be a real gem... Great can't even use my typical "The game is truly astonishing" that I usually use because it will just seem as if I used the thing as a PUN! DAMNIT! 5 stars for it! (Ooh one note! The game is best played with Music off!)
Derek 5
I cannot see the game board. It just appears as white. I can see the character pieces and the blue and red numbers on the boards, but cannot tell what color the game board tiles are. Fix this and I will change my rating.
TC 5
Played through a few of the levels and its pretty fun. Would be great if there was a difficulty setting like easy, normal, hard for all missions with some sort of unlock rewards. Its nice to hear the music from the album to go with a written narrative.
Samuel 5
A fun, turn-based strategy game. I really enjoy the instrumental arrangements of the songs from the album.
Erik 4
A very good game marred by graphics glitches which sometimes are annoying and other times unplayable. Great gameplay and obviously an awesome soundtrack. When they get it fixed it will be well worth the wait. EDIT. The latest patch seems to have fixed the game.
Troy 5
Been a fan my whole life of the band and with the release of TA ive been more addicted than usual and now i get to play a game based on a beautifully crafted rock opera? Keep it up guys youre keeping your die hard fans more intrigued as time goes on.
Ehdi 5
Nice immersion in the dystopian universe of the astonishing. Could be better with more levels and possibility of online challenging. Overall good for local games mostly
Gene 5
Just another example of why dream theater is the epitome of a great progressive band

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