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Steven has dreamed up arcade games for all his friends.

Steven has dreamed up arcade games for all his friends in Dreamland Arcade.

The Dreamland Arcade is open! Smash monsters with Garnet, pilot the Gem Drill with Steven, catch bugs with Onion, climb the Kindergarten with Amethyst, and train to be a sword master with Connie.

Cash in your tickets to earn G.E.M.S. (Game Enhancing Mini Squad). Unlock figures of your favorite Steven Universe characters, including Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Bismuth, Stevonnie, and more.

Activate your Gem powers! Use G.E.M.S. to unlock new abilities and outfits for every game in the Dreamland Arcade


This game is available in the following languages: English

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Latest Ratings

Holly' 4
I think this is a cute game. Modern with an old school feel. Works fine on my Stylo 3 Plus. Probably will need an updated smart phone for this to work properly and as the developers intended to as well. Nonetheless, inspite of the recent negative reviews, I would suggest that you download it and check it out for yourself. You may just like it! 😉
Christian 4
For those who thought this didn't load at all, I suggest that you give it a time. Mine doesn't work at all when I tried to open it. But when I tried opening it a couple of hours ago, boy it magically work and I don't know why. This game needs A LOT of improvements. CN barely giving us SU contents so I think this is an OKAY bribe for the all the fans. Hope they could give us more SU games/contents in the future.
While I love Steven Universe with all my being, I must say the Lion Chaser game and the Peridot meep morp game is my two favorite because they work the best. I couldn't even play the onion game because the screens touch isn't sensitive enough to draw circles around bugs to capture them, and the amethyst game is SUPER DIFFICULT AND I WISH IT WASN'T SINCE AMETHYST IS MY FAVORITE! but I love collecting the trophies and maybe it takes a while to get used to the controls. But we need more free SU games like this, I rather like it.
Melissa 3
The controls make these games frustratingly difficult. They are unpredictable and don't really work on the edges of the screen. I love the app structure and having a bunch Steven Universe games in one spot. The games are straightforward and would be a lot of fun if it weren't for the controls. Right now, high scores are more a matter of luck than skill. Really disappointed.
Haley 1
I opened it and it showed the little opening screen and then just went black??? I tried closing and re-opening the app a few times, letting it sit open for a while, but nothing is working! I really wish it would work, I was so excited to play!!
Poori 1
I love Cartoon Network, especially Steven Universe however, after downloading the game and finally will try it at the first time, it is just all black and not loading at all! I tried power cycling my phone and the game itself! NOTHING HAPPENS. It is just really frustrating. My phone is Asus Zenfone 3 max so there is no way that there's a problem with my phone specs or the os.
I absolutely love Steven universe and I was so excited to see this app so I downloaded it, but when I opened the app it went to the home screen for a second but then went to a black screen. At fist I thought it wasn't loading so a shut the app down and and opened it again the same thing happen. Then, I went down to the reviews and I saw that this was happening to a lot of people. I have and HTC desire 626 and I would love to play this game, please fix this asap.
Nova 3
I adore AH and even the games, but half the time it just gives me a "cartoon network" screen and never loads. Please fix this; I'm sick of restarting and reinstalling this game, having to start from scratch.
Nire 2
It sounds fun but I have a major issue. I can get past the home page and the small story but as soon as I'm in the arcade and I click a game, it stops. It loads to about 40-60 until it freezes.
Alice 3
I can't give my honest opinion because I can't play the game. This happened with soundtrack attack, where I opened the app and the screen goes black; no sound, nothing. I can't be the only one.
Elijah 4
Cartoon Network's Steven Universe Dreamland Arcade application is a great application, but I must complain about Lion's Beach Racer due to the fact there are monsters near the beginning edges of platforms giving players little to no time to react and roars in these situations do not work. Also, I had one thousand twenty four tickets and Gauntlet Smash costs one thousand tickets in order to be unlocked. I pressed "Unlock" and the application replied,"You do not have enough tickets." This is either a bug or glitch, considering the fact my phone has high speed mobile internet and a buffer free processer.

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