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Stealth - Hardcore Action - Official Release Trailer (Android/iOS)

Description & Details

The Best Stealth puzzle

Stealth - is your second name. The game in which you need to think here and now. Each delay can cost you a level failure. Only meaningful actions, quick and sharp movements will help you to get to the end of the level. Hide or eliminate enemies using sound bombs, rescue hostages, this and much more interesting await you in the minimalist Stealth world.

Main Features:
100 unique levels
Not step by step Stealth
Additional objects in the game
The ability to eliminate enemies
Enjoyable graphics
Lots of options for level passing

If you do not understand how to receive training, watch the video before you rate!

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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500000 - 1000000
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Hayden 3
Good concept, but there is a way to earn infinite diamonds. When I started the game, I saw the Facebook 'Like their page' thing and, like always, I would click on it as in all games, you don't need to actually like it to get the diamonds. So when you click on it, it redirects you, but whilst you're getting redirected you can go back and you'll receive 20 diamonds but the offer will still be there so you can do it an infinite amount of times.
Craig 3
Leaves you wanting something more to the game. The potential is here. The mechanic to take down a guy is very flawed, takes like 5 seconds of touching them from behind, and you have to walk with them if they're moving. My suggestion is to change so that they stop moving when you get behind them, like they're in a choke hold. Also add a silenced gun with limited shots. Until then, there's not enough here nor quality gameplay to warrant a download.
Lebron 4
The game is super fun but what i dont like is when you get spotted even if you dont get touched you still lose. Sometimes i would be right at the end of a game running to the teleport thing but then i get spotted. Even though i only got spotted and they havent touched me i would still lose. Other than that its a fun game keep it up
Robin 2
1. Uses up a LOT of battery. I bet you can definitely fix this by coding it better. 2. Some levels are jinxed where a guard or item is outside of the map. Some maps are impossible to complete because one of the necessary elements is removed from the map. This shows you really didn't test your game and therefore doesn't deserve a high rating.
Blaine 4
Like the game. There needs to be a way to move faster than the guards though, even if for a short duration. Also uninstalling, only because one should spend more time playing a game... not watching automatic ads.
Siegmeyer 5
Overall a good game, the mechanics was not flawed as any review here said. This is a stealth game, not a action game, it discourage u to get caught or kill ur enemy, u plan ur route and observe enemy pattern to complete ur level. U r suppose to fear ur enemy in a stealth game, not make them as vulnerable as possible and long time to takedown ur enemy and fast enemy movement are well thought design choice to enhance the overall stealth experience and adding feature such as ranged weapon are downright stupid bcuz it eliminates any threats that the enemy might pose to the player, so I wish u guys won't add this ranged weapon features
cool 3
It's good, but for a short bit. Like it takes way to long to eliminate guards, but a way to get around that is if a distance weapon was added,or times changed, and at some points it becomes unfair as in the guards catch you at a long distance on the run, or when they have a question mark above their heads they search exactly where you are, regardless of distance
Student 5
Simple controls with missions that usually don't drag on too long. I have my gripes with the controls, but that's a personal thing with me. Never been a fan of touch screen controls. If it's a stealth game anyone wants, here is a great game to try out.
man 2
This game is really not good by any standards. The controls are minimalistic, but that doesn't explain why it's so slow getting from point A to B, and with the addition of killing the enemies, this game kind of makes you feel less like a ninja and more like a spy walking knee-deep in mud.
Seems unfinished however highly enjoyable. Controls are difficult to adjust to unless you're left handed. Graphics are meh but it's a 2d game so what do you expect. Overall a great game that shows promise. If stealth games are your thing stick with it and support the developer. We can think of quite a few games that sucked early on so give this one a legitimate chance. Complaints about device requirements are B.S. We use discounted and or free devices to test games this one ran perfectly no issues.
avid 3
Great potential. But by level 21-30, a 5 min level can take over an hour with how unforgiving your field of vision is, walking into death traps. Needs more mechanics to help the player ie dash, 3 free zoomouts per level, tranq gun, etc. Only worth playing the first 15 levels or so.


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