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Description & Details

Can you defend your castle against intruders with your archery?

The war broke out and dark monsters are back to attack your castle. Not only orcs, but also goblins, witch, spirits, devils and other monsters are trying to destroy your kingdom! Use the power of the bow and crossbow to defend the realm and the kingdom from attacking enemies. Equip the castle with a bow, arrows and defeat all the demon and zombies that are coming to your castle.
You are not alone in this battle. Choose your legendary warriors and fight together with the legendary heroes. Summon the ancient gods will lead your army and defend your precious kingdom. Upgrade your heroes and control their unique skill to defend kingdom from waves of monsters are attacking your castle. Do not forget to upgrade your archery and crossbow, which will help you shoot powerful bosses. Can you defend your castle against intruders with your archery?
Features of Defender Heroes:
- More than 10 heroes with a lot of unique skills to collect: archer, hunter, elf, panda, demon, witch…
- Upgrade 100+ level of castle, archery and crossbow with amazing power.
- Explore more than 300 epic battles. Defeat dark dragon, collect gold and diamond in goblin mode.
- A lot of creeps to destroy before they attack the castle.
- Talent system make heroes and warrior stronger by powerful magic.
- Totem: Increase shooting frequency, bonus battle gold and diamond.
- Weapon and equipment: Hammer, swords, armor, bow and arrows will increase your spell and heroes power.
Download Heroes Defender - free idle strategy game with tower defense style. You will enjoy the feeling of shooting the enemy and defend your castle, and become the legendary Defender. Love ancient military rpg strategy games? Then download now and dive into the idle defense strategy of Defender Heroes!

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Android Version
4.1 and up
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Rated for 7+
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10000 - 50000
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Latest Ratings

Larry 3
Looks good at the beginnig. but after I finally saved diamons to buy hero, it only gave me one for 10 tries. and that hero is overlap to the daily award hero. so those diamons were totally wasted. money in this game is useless because you got too much. i give up playing this game on the 4th day.
willie 2
Game play is fine but hereos and castle is so weak evan if there max and until next level how about the developers make it less gold gaining and less about gold and make it more exp and inchantmend and a storie line of what and why the do what they do
Adam 1
Money gets to hard to fast try will see.not worth it its not that of thous games even if you spend money on it
jerico 3
Waiting for new levels. Finished it already
stacey 4
I really enjoy this game its pretty addictive
Godwin 3
Not bad but full of adverts. Very annoying.
Tran 5
Game bị bug ở mục goblin.giết sạch quái thì ko tự kết thúc trận và phải ấn về menu chính mới đc,ngoài ra ko đc x vàng và kim cương của trận goblin nếu ấn về menu chính.
War 4
Nhiều quảng bá cáo quá, game play hay, bớt quảng cáo đi là đẹp.
alex 4
Abit copy of other game but it is enjoyable
Brad 5
Gr8 game but where are the settings so i can log with my fb?
Addicted so far, hope more expand and update some new, it will be bored for long time

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