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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Unreleased) android gameplay español

Description & Details

Pure Hack‘n Slash in your pocket: loot big… or die trying!

Loot big… or die trying! Rush into frantic fights, battle against loads of monsters and raid deadly dungeons in this gripping Hack’n Slash adventure. Equip your mighty looter with badass gear and jump into the fray!

Hunt down mighty beasts, skeletons, banshees and a whole collection of monsters as you slash your way to the final dungeon boss! Knock down the castle door and let the fun begin...

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is the perfect blend of hack’n slash, medieval fantasy and dungeon crawler mixed with loads of fun and sprinkled with a pinch of insanity.


• Experience wild brawls at a frenzied pace!
• Hack through swarms of angry goblins, fearsome skeleton warriors, and the occasional monster spider!
• Choose between 4 different weapon types and master their unique techniques.
• Learn to master each monster’s powers and fighting style.
• Will you be brave enough to crush the final dungeon boss?
• Pick up a fight instantly and do it all with one thumb.


• Loot the treasure room, crush the iron chest and amass gold like a boss.
• Collect epic weapons, badass armors and legendary artefacts.
• Test your skills in hard and extreme modes to loot the best gear in town.
• Upgrade your gear to improve your stats and kick some skeleton butt.


• Fight after fight, unlock new mighty skills, level up your powers and unleash devastating spells.
• Crush rogue cyclops in Rage Mode, dissolve banshees with Corrosive Splash and hack a skeleton gang into pieces with the Whirlfury!
• Get to learn the tricks and traps of each dungeon and become part of the legend!


• Discover a vivid world of floating castles, from the abyss of the diablo dungeon to the hidden secrets of a rogue pirate ship.
• Dive into the Mighty Quest universe thanks to mind-blowing animations and striking visual effects. Wow!

As a mighty archer, a bragging knight, a mad mage or a rogue warrior, break into dungeons to hack, slash and eradicate poor goblins, skeletons, banshees and all kinds of mobs. Forget revenge, glory, epic quests and princess rescue missions: it’s only for the loot, tremendous and gleaming loot.

• This game is free-to-download but some game items may be purchased for real money. You can choose to disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
• A network connection is required to play.

Wow, Wow, Wow! I’ve talked too much! Time to go slash some skeletons my dear rogue friend! Draw your sword and get out of this description!

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Latest Ratings

Kevin 5
Definitely enjoy playing so far! The play style is more "pick up and go" oriented, and each dungeon lasts less than 10min which is nice for quick plays. Graphics and animations aren't too heavy, keeping the gameplay smooth (although it would be nice to have a graphic slider and a effects toggle option). The general player strength vs dungeon difficulty progression is pretty linear, as dungeons drop decent loot and currency. My only gripe atm would be the energy cost for dungeons which is common in most games. All in all, very nice game ubi, and I'm hoping it continues to do well
Michael 4
Got a problem with the 3rd castles 1st dungeon where every time I enter the first warp pad the game freezes on entering the next stage. Not sure what to do since the game still uses up my energy but it's happened 2 out of 2 times so far
Bradley 2
Paywalled since you can't progress my just playing normally. Never enough money, gear never good enough and no Google achievements or integration. It is fun and I tried for a couple weeks to get somewhere but my level caused me to get to the point where I couldn't do all the daily quests since I didn't have the gear for it. Great concept though and really hoped for more
Lil 5
Great graphics and one thumb action making this my main game to play. Love the affix on the gear, makes gear selection a little more complex. The biggest negative is 6 minutes per one energy, too long.
steven 5
I love the game. It is really fun to play and the controls are easy to use. The only thing im not a fan of is the energy, I just don't like being limited to play and having to wait to play some more.
Jake 5
So. Let me just start by saying that i personally love all ubisoft games, on any platform. But lately ive taken a huge liking to ur mobile games. Might and magic, and this game is no exception!! Great job Ubisoft :)
Marc 2
I slightly incresed my rating,but not by much. The game constantly freezes between levels. Which is very frustrating. Also progress is too slow. Earning gems and gold is crawl even at the hardest difficulty. It feels like ubisoft is forcjng players to pay just to advance in the game. The freezes occur after going through the gate way to the next level. Typically at the beginning of Level 2 sometimes level 3. I’ve consistently experienced problems on these levels Classic-Concrete Jungle Dungeon 4 at level 2 Heroic- Natural Disorder Dungeon 4 at level 2 Heroic-Sin Citadel Dungeon 4 at level 2 Mighty-Blaze of Glory Dungeon 3 level 2
RonCast_Harlz 2
So Ubisoft bot (or is there a human being some ware there) Why do you sell you games for a-lot and still have micro transactions in them can you please tell me why and I not talking about small games I talking about your big budget games)
bekr45 4
Straight up, I love this game, probably the best, most simple, and coolest diablo esque game I've ever played on the mobile, which isn't a bad thing. Controls are super simple, combat is the same way, and just like the title says, looking for the best loot. I enjoy the fact that the gear you get actually looks the way it does in your inventory so you can see how cool your character is, I've only just scratched the surface but I thoroughly enjoy it. I hope that there is a BUNCH of different gear to get to keep me hunting for more. Only issue I have is that since it is a mobile game toy have energy to do missions and such and it's easy to use up quickly, wish there was a way to regen it back without using gems or some other kind of minigame to play when it's depleted, or get rid of that completely. But aside from that I highly recommend this game to anyone that likes a quick hack and slash game for their phone
Jackson 5
Love the Game and everything and im only level 7, i beleive its multiplayer and cant wait, but my only problem is that my game keeps crashing, and i have to re enter the dungeon, idk if its cause of the High Graphic Detail, the Monsters or just cause of my phone, but i'd greatly enjoy if you could fix this
Daghanoth 4
I sum, good game but today Every free chest I opens gives me nothing. Just says "your loot" and then the timer resets to 3h but I got nothing. Did it twice so far

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