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Must have or better avoid? Find out! - Virtual Rabbids: The Big Plan Review on Google Daydream VR

Description & Details

Be closer than ever to the Rabbids in a funny and offbeat experience!

Share the stage with the Rabbids in an offbeat experience in which you’re the hero. Plunge into funny Rabbids world full of nutty tools, and make your way through a story which might change world fate !

- Dive into the first Rabbids VR experience on mobile
Get up closer than ever to the Rabbids! Plunge into their world and experience a new kind of emotions with an innovative way to play thanks to the Daydream remote and headset.
Make it out of a strange surgery alive, play national anthems using crazy objects, and try to do your shopping despite chaos generated by the Rabbids.

- Interact with Rabbids
Become the first individual able to communicate with the Rabbids! Try to understand their gestures, use their items and work with them to reach your objectives.

- Play with kooky gadgets
Unlock a wide range of tools and explore each experience to reveal hidden toys. The more you play, the more interactions and surprise moments you will enjoy!

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Latest Ratings

Dave's 1
Avoid, for Gear VR not Daydream. Dosen't work on Galaxy S8+ with Daydream view. Just get a screen saying insert phone in Gera VR headset. Also a Daydream only version without all the Gear, Samsung and Oculus VR apps instaling would be good. I look forward to one of your regular updates and a reply would be nice too.
Pete 1
Same problem as previous reviewer, game will not launch on S8, just asks to download gear vr stuff
MashiMarojoe 1
same problem can't play on s8+ screen show insert to gear vr headset please fix it immedietly.
Mikaël 4
I bought this game for my kid to enjoy VR while I'm streaming the screen on my tv so I can still help him out and see what he is doing. This game is simple, colorful but seems to be short. My 5 years old played for 15 minutes and went through 2 levels. I don't know how much there are... But you won't stay long in a level. Maybe a mini game screen and a bit of diversity would fix the problem.
Sebastian 2
Utter disappointment: the game is MUCH too short. Can finish in 30 minutes. The mini games would be a great tutorial for a bigger adventure, but it seems devs had to stop after 30% of development. Like this, it is $6 wasted. Sad, could have been great.
Keith 5
Great game and good use of the daydream. Goofy gameplay as expected from a Rabbits game. Controls were spot on especially with the plunger gun. I could shoot a fly of a Rabbids rear end with that thing. Could be longer but fun. Oh and the sarcastically obvious AI is awesome.
I've had a blast with this app. Albeit a bit short i have spent twice the time before finding all the hidden objects (even the rabbid slap !). Good clean fun.
Tom 4
Really fun gameplay with amusing interactions. As others have said, the game is very short and lacks content. It felt like the intro section to a really good game...but leaves you feeling a bit disappointed. Nevertheless, it's still a great game.
Brian 5
Fun ways of interacting with the Rabbids, like nodding and shaking your head or using a shrink/grow ray and other tools. Graphics are good and Rabbids are cute. BWAHHH.
This game is hilarious. the bad guy has great lines & you can really mess around with the rabbids, which is completely BWAAH !!!!!


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