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Show your knowledge about Noragami!

On this quiz you have 3 chances to complete, if you lose all chances you will back to the first question. Show us if you are a good fan of Noragami completing all questions!

This quiz has translations in english and portuguese; if we having a good number of stars, soon more questions.

Nora Quiz is a tribute to the anime Noragami

* Questions of the quiz

1. What are the items/weapons that gods use for various task and purposes?
2. Of which shinki is the name below?
3. How much does Yato charge for a service?
4. Animals, young children and gods can see ghosts.
5. Who is the character below?
6. Which ability can only shinkis use?
7. When a soul becomes a god’s shinki, the god and the shinki become one in
8. Who is the character below?
9. What is Hiyori's complete name?
10. What is the symbol on Yato's jacket?
11. Why does Rabo want to fight against Yato?
12. Who is the shinki bel
13. Hiyori loves something on Yato but she is ashamed to say. What is it?
14. Kofuku is a Goddess of what?
15. What is one of Yato's greatest talents?
16. What is the color of Yato's cell phone?
17. How many shinkis are needed to perform a purification ritual?
18. What was the name of the cat that Yato was looking for at the beggining of the anime?
19. Who is Kofuku's shinki?
20. What is her name as Yato's shinki?
21. Yukine is the first shinki of Yato.
22. Which martial art technique does Hiyori use in fights?
23. What was Bishamon's old clan?
24. Who is their master?
25. Who says ''Yato is our enemy, but he’s also our savior.''?
26. Bishamon has 8 shinkis.
27. Who is the character below?
28. What is Yukine's name as a shinki?
29. What is Yato's real name?
30. What is Bishamon's actual clan?
31. Who is the Queen of the Underworld?

If you have any suggestion for questions, send us an email with the title "Noragami Quiz" to

(c) Shadow Priest 2017

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돈을KiChi-Money 5
Great Quiz, You really do have to be a fan to know the answers hope for more soon ❤️

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